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Youngstown Bears

Founded:  1945
Folded:   1947
Location: Youngstown, OH
Arena:    Youngstown South Field House
Built in: 1940
Capacity: 3,500
Titles:   0

The Youngstown Bears played for two seasons (1945-1947). During the team's first season, the squad finished third in the the National Basketball League's Eastern Division. The team won thirteen and lost twenty games. During the 1946-1947 season, the Youngstown Bears finished last in the Eastern Division, amassing twelve wins and thirty-two losses. Due to the team's poor performance, the Youngstown Bears disbanded at the end of the season.

Youngstown's Press Maravich would go on to become a somewhat successful college coach; Coaching from 1949-1975. His most memorable coaching tenure was as head coach of LSU from 1966-72, where he would coach his son and future NBA Hall-of-Famer "pistol" Pete Maravich.

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Score sheet from a game program vs Oshkosh.

Season W L W/L% Finish Playoffs
1946-47 12 32 .273 6 None
1945-46 13 20 .394 3 None

Free Press Ad from 1946.

Bears vs Nationals.

Frank Baumholtz Huck Hartman Irv Brenner Joe Urso
Milt TiccoMoe BeckerPaul BirchPress Maravich
Rudy Debnar

South Field House court as of 2016

South Field House as of 2016.

Facing the court at Youngstown's South Field House.

The locker room at South Field House.

Bears vs Gears program cover.

Newspaper article about a clock issue in the above game