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Kankakee Gallagher Trojans

Founded:  1937
Folded:   1938
Location: Kankakee, IL
Arena:    Kankakee National Guard Armory
Built in: 1937
Capacity: 750
Titles:   none

The Kankakee Gallagher Trojans began as one of the original NBL teams in 1937 but lasted only one season before disbanding. They took the name Gallagher because most of its players were taken from the Gallagher school in Kankakee.

Fun Fact:
The Trojans had two brother players with unique names. Little Moose Meyers and Big Moose Meyers both played for the Trojans during their first and only season. Both men were of the local Kickapoo tribe and may be some of the first Native Americans in professional basketball.

Basketball Island
The Trojans are unique for being the only NBL team to never have a player from another NBL team play for them, and to never have any of their players every play again in the NBL. In fact, there are no records of anyone who played for the Trojans playing before or after in any other professional basketball league. Even for the early days of basketball this is an oddity, as even leagues who lasted only a few weeks had players play on other teams and leagues.


Year    W   L   %    Playoffs  W  L   %
1937-38 3   11  .214           -  -   -

Kankakee National Guard Armory was home to the Trojans.

Gallagher building

News Article from the Bradley times dated September 23, 1938.

John Hoekstra


Kankakee Museum