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Hammond Ciesar All-Americans/ Whiting Ciesar All-Americans

Founded:  1936
Folded:   1941
Location: Whiting, IN(36-38)
          Hammond, IN(38-41)
Arena:    Hammond Civic Center
Built in: 1938
Capacity: 6,000
Cost:     $600,000
Titles:   0

Season	        League	W	L	 %	Finish	Division	Playoffs
1935-1936       IND     Unknown
1936-1937	MWC	3	5	.375	3rd	West Division	DNQ
1937-1938	NBL	12	3	.800	2nd	West Division	Lost in Semifinals
1938-1939	NBL	4	24	.143	4th	West Division	DNQ
1939-1940	NBL	9	19	.321	4th	West Division	DNQ
1940-1941	NBL	6	18	.250	7th	Only group	DNQ

History of early professional basketball in Indiana

Before the Indiana Pacers joined the ABA and eventually the NBA, the state of Indiana was the hot bed of professional basketball. From 1935 until 1953 the state hosted no less than 11 different teams in the major professional basketball leagues. Unfortunately, almost all of them would end and leave the state with no professional basketball teams for nearly two decades.

Indiana is synonymy with the game of basketball. The University of Indiana is one of the most storied programs in all of college basketball winning 5 NCAA titles, but it was Purdue who would bring the state its first NCAA basketball title in 1932.

Through out the early years of basketball a lot of fly by night leagues and teams called Indiana home, in fact Indiana even had its own semi-pro league of teams completely made up of teams in the Indianapolis region. It was not until 1935 when the Midwest Basketball Conference formed did the state of Indiana start seeing regular professional basketball at the highest levels and quality

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During his senior season at the University of Illinois future AL MVP Lou Boudreau would play for the All-Americans. Boudreau would go on to play 14 seasons with the Indians and Redsox of the MLB.

Oskosh vs Hammond Ciesars Preview ft Leroy Edwards

Basketball legend John Wooden when he played for Hammond.

Chuckovits was a star in college who signed with the Ciesars for $50 a game, but quit after owner Eddie Ciesar began with holding money from him.

Joe Sotak

Lou Boudreau

Promotional flyer of a triple header highlighted by Hammond vs New York Celtics.

Ad about Hammond playing House of David. It is debatable if Tiny Reichert was really 8'1" tall. If he was, he would be the tallest basketball player ever and would be almost half a foot taller than the tallest player to ever play in the NBA.

38-39 Hammond team. #11 is John Wooden.

John Wooden top 160 NBA players