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Detroit Eagles

Founded:   1939
Folded:    1941
Location:  Detroit, MI
Built in:
Titles:    0

The Eagles moved from Cleveland in 1939 where they were previously known as the White Horses.

The Eagles played from 1939-41. In 1941 most of the men of the team either were drafted or enlisted into the military due to World War II. The Eagles won the 1941 World Professional Basketball Tournament in Chicago with a 39-37 victory over the Oshkosh All-Stars. They returned to the tournament in 1942, but this time lost to Oshkosh 43-41

  Season League W L % Position Division Play-offs
Warren Hyvis Oilers
  1937-1938 MBC 8 6 .571 3rd Eastern Division DNQ
Warren Penns / Cleveland White Horses
  1937-1938 NBL 3 9 .250 5th Eastern Division DNQ
  1938-1939 NBL 14 14 .500 3rd Eastern Division DNQ
Detroit Eagles
  1939-1940 NBL 17 10 .630 2nd Eastern Division Lost Semifinals
  1940-1941 NBL 12 12 .500 3rd Only group Lost Semifinals

Eagles guard Buddy Jeannette

Eagles program from 1940-41

Ed Sadowki

Buddy Jeanette passing the ball

Al Cervi of the Rochester Seagrams drives past a Detroit Eagles defender in 1941.