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Dayton Metropolitans

Founded:    1935
Joined NBL: 1937
Folded:     1938
Location:   Dayton, OH
Arena:      Montgomery County Fairgrounds Coliseum
Built in:   1922
Capacity:   4,200
Titles:     0

The Dayton Metropolitans was a professional basketball team in Dayton, Ohio. The team was one of the founding organizations of the National Basketball League, which formed in 1937. The Mets were founded in 1935 as a member of the Midwest Basketball Conference, where they played until joining the NBL in 1937.

The Mets struggled in their first season in the Midwest Basketball Conference winning just four of ten games and finishing in last place of the MBC's eastern division.

During the 1936-37 Midwest Basketball Conference season the team was known as the Dayton London Bobbys and were sponsored by Miami Valley Brewing Company.

In their final year in the MBC they would do much better but would lose their division by forfeit. In one of the strangest events in basketball history the London Bobbys were scheduled to host the Fort Wayne General Electrics, but just hours before the game the Bobby's manager, Ray Lindemuth called Electrics manager Bill Hosket and told him the game would not be played, and when Hosket inquired as into why, Lindemuth hung up the phone.

The refusal to play was likely due to traveling costs. Unfortunately, not everyone was on the same page and center Norm Wagner drove the 100 plus miles from Dayton to Fort Wayne.

Following the 36-37 season the team would be once again called the Metropolitans as it joined the newly founded NBL.

The Dayton Metropolitans played for just one season (1937-1938)in the NBL. During the season, the team finished last in the the National Basketball League’s Western Division. The Metropolitans won just two and lost eleven games. Due to its dismal performance, the Metropolitans disbanded at the end of the season.

Year    League   W   L   %
1935-36 MBC      4   6   .400
1936-37 MBC      9   3   .750
1937-38 NBL      2  11   .154

1937-38 NBL Dayton Metropolitans Roster
Player Pos. Birth Date Height Weight College
Robert Colburn F March 23, 1911 5'10" 190 Ohio State
Beryl Drummond G June 16, 1918 6'1" 185 none
Wilmer Hosket C February 19, 1911 6'5"   Ohio State
Curtis McMahon G January 26, 1915 6'0" 150 none
Bud Moodler G   6'3" 215 Defiance
Glenn Roberts C-F October 25, 1912 6'5" 200 Emory & Henry
Wyman Roberts F September 27, 1915 5'11" 160 none
Louis Rutter G August 4, 1914 6'2" 180 Otterbein
Glenn Schlechty F March 31, 1912 6'6" 185 Findlay
Howard Stammler G-F July 23, 1911 5'10" 155 Ohio Wesleyan
Clovis Stark F October 6, 1914 6'4" 175 Ohio Wesleyan
Norman Wagner C February 5, 1912 6'5" 200 Missouri