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Columbus Athletic Supply

Founded:    1936
Joined NBL: 1937
Folded:     1938
Location:   Columbus, OH
Built in:
Titles:     0

The Columbus Athletic Supply played for just one season (1937-1938). During the season, the team finished last in the the National Basketball League’s Eastern Division. The team won just one game and lost twelve. The team forfeited two games this season. Due to its dismal performance, the Columbus Athletic Supply disbanded at the end of the season.

Season  W	L	W/L%	Finish	Playoffs	
1937-38	1	12	.077	6	DNP
	Loss total includes one forfeit loss to Akron Firestone and one forfeit loss to Fort Wayne.

Athletic Supply by year and league
1936-37 MBC 1937-38 NBL