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  • CHICAGO traded guard Thabo Sefolosha to OKLAHOMA CITY for a conditional draft pick in 2009.

  • MINNESOTA acquired forward/center Shelden Williams and guard Bobby Brown from SACRAMENTO for center Calvin Booth and guard Rashad McCants.

  • NEW YORK acquired guard Larry Hughes from CHICAGO for guard Anthony Roberson and forwards Jerome James and Tim Thomas; acquired forward Chris Wilcox from OKLAHOMA CITY for forward Malik Rose.

  • ORLANDO acquired guard Rafer Alston from HOUSTON for forward Brian Cook.

  • SACRAMENTO acquired guard Will Solomon from TORONTO for cash.

  • TORONTO acquired center Patrick O'Bryant from BOSTON for a conditional second-round pick in 2014.

  • MEMPHIS acquired forwards Adonal Foyle, Mike Wilks and first-round pick in 2009 from ORLANDO for guard Kyle Lowry. 2008
  • In a three-team trade, Cleveland acquires Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and a 2009 second-round pick from Cleveland plus Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West from Seattle; Chicago acquires Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Shannon Brown and Cedric Simmons from Cleveland; Seattle acquires Donyell Marshall and Ira Newble from Cleveland and Adrian Griffin from Chicago.

  • In a three-team trade, New Orleans acquires Bonzi Wells and Mike James from Houston, Houston acquires Bobby Jackson, Adam Haluska and a 2008 second-round pick from New Orleans as well as the rights to Sergei Lishouk from Memphis and Memphis acquires Marcus Vinicius from New Orleans and the draft rights to Malick Badiane from Houston.

  • Denver acquires Taurean Green from Portland in exchange for Von Wafer.

  • Detroit acquires Juan Dixon and cash considerations from Toronto in exchange for Primoz Brezec.

  • Houston acquires Gerald Green from Minnesota in exchange for Kirk Snyder, a second-round pick in 2010 and cash considerations


  • Atlanta acquires Anthony Johnson from DALLAS for a second round pick.
  • Portland trades Jaun Dixon to TORONTO for Fred Jones.
  • UTAH acquires Alan Henderson from PHILADELPHIA for the right to swap second round picks in 2007, and removal of pick limitations on a previously owed pick from PHILADELPHIA.

    Feb. 22,2005

  • BOSTON acquires Antoine Walker from ATLANTA for Gary Payton, Tom Gugliotta and Michael Stewart and a 2005 or future first-round pick.
  • CLEVELAND acquires Jiri Welsch from BOSTON for a first-round draft pick in 2007.
  • DALLAS acquires Keith Van Horn from MILWAUKEE for Alan Henderson and Calvin Booth.
  • GOLDEN STATE acquires Baron Davis from NEW ORLEANS for Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis.
  • HOUSTON acquires Mike James and Zendon Hamilton from MILWAUKEE for Reece Gaines and second-round picks in 2006 and 2007.
  • MIAMI acquires Steve Smith from CHARLOTTE for Malik Allen.
  • NEW YORK acquires Maurice Taylor from HOUSTON for Moochie Norris, Vin Baker and a second-round pick in 2006.
  • PHILADELPHIA acquires Rodney Rogers and Jamal Mashburn from NEW ORLEANS for Glenn Robinson.
  • SAN ANTONIO acquires Nazr Mohammed and Jamison Brewer from NEW YORK for Malik Rose and conditional first-round picks in 2005 and 2006. Feb. 19, 2004
  • DETROIT Acquires Rasheed Wallace from ATLANTA, and Mike James from BOSTON. BOSTON acquires Lindsay Hunter, and Chucky Atkins from DETROIT. ATLANTA Acquires Zelko Rebraca, and Bob Sura from DETROIT, and Chris Mills from BOSTON.
  • NEW ORLEANS acquires Shammond Williams from ORLANDO for Sean Rooks.
  • ORLANDO acquires DeShawn Stevenson and a conditional second-round draft pick from UTAH for Gordan Giricek.
  • PHOENIX acquires Keon Clark and Ben Handlogten from UTAH for Tom Gugliotta, two conditional first-round draft picks and a 2005 second-round draft pick.

    Feb. 20, 2003

  • BOSTON traded Shammond Williams, a 2003 second-round draft pick and cash cash considerations to DENVER for Mark Blount and Mark Bryant.
  • NEW ORLEANS traded Elden Campbell to SEATTLE for Kenny Anderson and cash considerations.
  • SEATTLE traded Gary Payton and Desmond Mason to MILWAUKEE for Ray Allen, Kevin Ollie, Ronald Murray, and either a 2003 first-round draft pick or two 2003 second-round draft picks.

    Feb. 21, 2002 (Two trades involving nine players)

  • DALLAS traded Juwan Howard, Donnell Harvey, Tim Hardaway, a 2002 first round draft pick and cash consideration to DENVER in exchange for Nick Van Exel, Avery Johnson, Tariq Abdul-Wahad and Raef LaFrentz.
  • GOLDEN STATE traded Marc Jackson to MINNESOTA in exchange for Dean Garrett and Minnesota's 2007 second-round draft pick.

    Feb. 22, 2001 (Four trades involving 22 players)

  • ATLANTA traded C Dikembe Mutombo and F Roshown McLeod to PHILADELPHIA in exchange for C Theo Ratliff, F Toni Kukoc, C Nazr Mohammed and G Pepe Sanchez.
  • TORONTO traded G Mark Jackson and G Muggsy Bogues to NEW YORK in exchange for G Chris Childs and the Knicks' lottery-protected first-round pick.
  • WASHINGTON traded F Juwan Howard, C Obinna Ekezie and F Calvin Booth to DALLAS for F Christian Laettner, F Loy Vaught, F Etan Thomas, G Hubert Davis and G Courtney Alexander.
  • TORONTO traded F Corliss Williamson, F Tyrone Corbin, F Kornel David and a first-round pick to DETROIT for F Jerome Williams and C Eric Montross.

    Feb. 24, 2000 (One trade involving one player)

  • ATLANTA traded G Anthony Johnson to ORLANDO in exchange for a conditional second-round draft choice.

    March 11, 1999 (Five trades involving 18 players)

  • CLEVELAND traded F/C Vitaly Potapenko to BOSTON in exchange for F/C Andrew Declercq and a conditional 1999 first round draft pick.
  • HOUSTON traded G/F Rodrick Rhodes to VANCOUVER in exchange for G/F Sam Mack.
  • NEW YORK traded a conditional first round draft pick to PHILADELPHIA for the draft rights to F Mirsad Turkcan.
  • PHILADELPHIA traded F Tim Thomas and F/C Scott Williams to MILWAUKEE in exchange for F Tyrone Hill and G/F Jerald Honeycutt.
  • MILWAUKEE traded G Terrell Brandon to MINNESOTA and G Elliot Perry to NEW JERSEY in exchange for NEW JERSEY trading G Sam Cassell and F/C Chris Gatling to MILWAUKEE and F Brian Evans and future draft considerations to MINNESOTA in exchange for MINNESOTA trading G Chris Carr, F Bill Curley and G Stephon Marbury to NEW JERSEY and C Paul Grant to MILWAUKEE.

    Feb. 19, 1998 (Four trades involving 13 players)

  • CHICAGO traded F Jason Caffey to GOLDEN STATE in exchange for F/C David Vaughn and 1998 and 2000 second-round draft picks.
  • L.A. CLIPPERS traded G Brent Barry to MIAMI in exchange for C Isaac Austin, G Charles Smith and a conditional 1998 first-round draft pick.
  • NEW YORK traded F Ronnie Grandison and C Herb Williams to PHILADELPHIA in exchange for F Terry Cummings.
  • NEW JERSEY traded F David Benoit, C Yinka Dare and G Kevin Edwards to ORLANDO in exchange for C Rony Seikaly and F Brian Evans.

    Feb. 20, 1997 (Six trades involving 15 players)

  • CHARLOTTE acquired F Ricky Pierce from DENVER for C George Zidek and G Anthony Goldwire.
  • TORONTO acquired G Shawn Respert from MILWAUKEE for C Acie Earl.
  • DENVER acquired G Jerome Allen from INDIANA for F Darvin Ham.
  • GOLDEN STATE acquired G/F Scott Burrell from CHARLOTTE for F Donald Royal.
  • INDIANA acquired G Mark Jackson and F/C LaSalle Thompson from DENVER for G/F Vincent Askew, F Eddie Johnson and second-round draft picks in 1997 and 1998.
  • LAKERS acquired F George McCloud from NEW JERSEY in exchange for C Joe Kleine, a 1997 first-round pick and a conditional second-round pick.

    Feb. 22, 1996 (Six trades involving 19 players)

  • ATLANTA acquired F Christian Laettner and C Sean Rooks from MINNESOTA in exchange for G Spud Webb and C Andrew Lang.
  • TORONTO acquired F Sharone Wright from PHILADELPHIA in exchange for C Ed Pinckney, F Tony Massenburg, the right to swap first-round draft picks in 1996 or 1997 and a second-round option.
  • PHOENIX acquired G Terrence Rencher from MIAMI in exchange for G Tony Smith.
  • MIAMI acquired G Tim Hardaway and F Chris Gatling from GOLDEN STATE in exchange for F Kevin Willis and G Bimbo Coles.
  • MIAMI acquired F Walt Williams and F Tyrone Corbin from SACRAMENTO in exchange for F Billy Owens and G Kevin Gamble.
  • ORLANDO acquired F Kenny Gattison and a 1996 second-round draft pick from VANCOUVER in exchange for F Jeff Turner.

    Feb. 23, 1995 (One trade involving two players)

  • DALLAS acquired G Scott Brooks from HOUSTON in exchange for G Morlon Wiley and a 1995 second-round draft pick.

    Feb. 24, 1994 (Four trades involving eight players)

  • CHARLOTTE acquired F Frank Brickowski and a conditional first-round draft pick from MILWAUKEE in exchange for C Mike Gminksi.
  • ATLANTA acquired F Danny Manning from the L.A. CLIPPERS in exchange for F Dominique Wilkins and a 1994 or 1995 conditional first-round draft pick.
  • LAKERS acquired F Danny Schayes from MILWAUKEE in exchange for a 1995 conditional second-round draft pick.
  • UTAH acquired G Jeff Hornacek, G Sean Green and a 1995 or 1996 second-round draft pick from PHILADELPHIA in exchange for G Jeff Malone and a 1994 conditional first-round draft pick.

    Feb. 25, 1993 (Two trades involving three players)

  • CHICAGO acquired F Ed Nealy from GOLDEN STATE in exchange for a 2001 conditional second-round draft pick.
  • MILWAUKEE acquired F Orlando Woolridge from DETROIT in exchange for G Alvin Robertson.

    Feb. 20, 1992 (One trade involving two players)

  • NEW YORK acquired C James Donaldson from DALLAS in exchange for F Brian Quinnett.

    Feb. 20, 1991 (One trade involving two players)

  • SEATTLE acquired C Benoit Benjamin from the L.A. CLIPPERS in exchange for C Olden Polynice, a 1991 first-round draft pick and a 1993 or 1994 first-round draft pick.

    Feb. 22, 1990 (Five trades involving seven players)

  • SAN ANTONIO acquired C Uwe Blab from GOLDEN STATE in exchange for C Christian Welp.
  • CLIPPERS acquired G Winston Garland from GOLDEN STATE in exchange for two future second-round draft picks.
  • NEW YORK acquired C Stuart Gray from CHARLOTTE in exchange for a 1991 second-round draft pick.
  • CHARLOTTE acquired Randolph Keys from CLEVELAND in exchange for a future second-round draft pick.
  • MINNESOTA acquired F Brad Sellers from SEATTLE in exchange for Steve Johnson and a 1991 second-round draft pick.

    Feb. 23, 1989 (Two trades involving five players)

  • NEW YORK acquired F Kiki Vandeweghe from PORTLAND in exchange for a 1989 first-round draft pick.
  • BOSTON acquired C Joe Kleine and F Ed Pinckney from SACRAMENTO in exchange for G Danny Ainge and F Brad Lohaus.

    Feb. 25, 1988 (Three trades involving nine players)

  • PHOENIX acquired G Kevin Johnson, F Tyrone Corbin, C Mark West, 1988 first and second-round draft picks and a 1989 second-round draft pick from CLEVELAND in exchange for F Larry Nance, F Mike Sanders and a 1988 second-round draft pick.
  • MILWAUKEE acquired G Jay Humphries from PHOENIX in exchange for G Craig Hodges and a 1988 second-round draft pick.
  • SEATTLE acquired G Sedale Threatt from CHICAGO in exchange for G Sam Vincent.

    Feb. 15, 1987 (One trade involving one player)

  • CHICAGO acquired F Ben Poquette from CLEVELAND in exchange for a future second-round draft pick.