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Christmas Eve Games
Player Records
The first NBA game played on December 25 came in 1947, a year after the NBA's inception, when the New York Knicks beat the Providence Steamrollers at Madison Square Garden 89-75. Since then, the NBA has played games every year on Christmas Day except in 1998, because a lockout canceled half the 1998-99 season. The Christmas day games have became an important part of the NBA season. The games are some of the highest rated regular season games of the year.

Christmas day is one of the rare days in American sports where there are little options for fans to choose from. The MLB is in the off-season and has no games. The NHL is forbidden to play on Christmas due to a clause in their collective bargaining agreement. The NFL will play on Christmas on some occasion, but only if Christmas falls on a Sunday and even then the league tries to schedule games on Saturday to prevent them from playing on Christmas. College football previously had the Aloha bowl on Christmas, but its replacement the Hawaii bowl is now scheduled for Christmas eve.

While the NBA plays ever Christmas, it does not schedule games on Christmas eve. Only two NBA games have ever been played on Christmas eve and none since 1967.

The league scheduled some of it's marquee games for Christmas, often times having a rematch of the previous season NBA finals matchup. The New York Knicks are also frequently scheduled to host games at Madison Square Garden, but due to recent struggles there has been some fan pushback about the Knicks being on TV.

The home team is 147-80 in Christmas games. The winning percentage of .648 for the home team on Christmas Day is better than the overall winning percentage for home teams during the regular season or the playoffs since 1992