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Dr James Nasmith's Original 13 rules

The Object of the game is to put the ball into your opponet's goal.  this may be done by throwing the ball from any part of the grounds, with one or both hands, under the following conditions and rules.

1 The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands

2 the ball may be batted in any direction with one, or both hands (never with the fist)

3 A player cannot run with the ball.  the player must throw it from the spot on which he catches it, allowances will be made for a man who catches the ball while running if he tries to stop.

4 The ball must be held by the hands. the arms or body must not be used for holding the ball

5 No shouldering, holding, pushing, tripping, or striking in any way the peron of an opponent shall be allowed; the first infrigement of this rule by any player shall count as a foul, the second shall disqualify him until the next goal is made. or if there was evident intent to injure the person for the whole game, no substitution allowed.

6 A foul is striking the ball with the fist, violation of Rules 3,4 and such as described in Rule 5.

7 If either side makes three consecutive fouls it shall count as a goal for the oppenent. (consecutive means without the oppenent making a basket in the meantime)

8 A goal shall be made when the ball is thrown or batted from the grounds into the basket and stays there, providing those defending the goal do not touch or disurb the goal.  if the ball rest on the edges, and the oppenet moves the basket, it shall count as a goal

9 When the ball goes out of bounds, it shall be thrown into the feild of play by the person first touching it. He has the right to hold it unmolested for five seconds. in case of a dispute the umpire shall throw it staight into the feild.  The thrower-in is allowed 5 seconds;  if he holds it longer it shall goto the opponent.  if any side persists in delaying the game, the umpire shall call a foul on that side.

10 The Umpire shall be the judge of the men and shall note the fouls and notify the referee when three consecutive fouls have been commited.  He shall have the power to disquailify men accoring to Rule 5.

11 The Referee shall be judge of the ball, and shall decide when the ball is in play, in bounds, to which side the ball belongs, and shall keep the time. He shall decide when a goal has been made and keep account of the goals with any other duties that are permitted by the referee.

12 The Time shall be two fifteen-minute halves, with five mintues rest between.

13 the side making the most goals in that tme shall be declared the winner. In case of a draw game the game may, be agreement of the captains, be continued until another goal is made.
The Original players

Willaim H Davis
Eugene S Libby
John G Thompson
Goerge R Weller
Wilbert F Carey
Ernest O Hildner
Lyman W Archibald
T. Duncan Patton
Finley G MacDonald
Raymond P Kaighn
Genezabaro Z Ishilkawo
Franklyn E Barnes
Edwin P Ruggles
Frank Mahn
William R Chase*
Benjamin S French
George E Day
Henri Gelan

* Made the Only Basket

The origins of Naismith's game and the very first basketball game ever played