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Is Nbahoopsonline.com affliated with the NBA?
No it is not. It is a fan site, and has no affliation with any league what so ever.

Who is in charge here?
That would be me, Rednecksbasketball.

What happened to the Message Board NBAboards.net?
Sadly, after years I had to give up on it. Activity was dwindling due to sites like Facebook and Twitter

I wrote an article can you put it on your website, and would I get credit for it?
Of course you would get credit for anything you write. If you want to submit a piece email me at Rednecksbasketball@yahoo.com and I will get it up on the site

I dont like something, could you please take it down?
No, I will not take it down.

What does_____ Stand for:
National Basketball Association
WNBA- Womens National Basketball Association
CBA- Continental Basketball Association
NBDL- Nation Basketball Developmental League
G- Gaurd
PG- Point Gaurd
SG- Shooting Gaurd
GF- Gaurd Forward
SF- Small Forward/Shooting Forward
PF- power Forward
F- Forward
C- Center

Im a good basketball player, can you help me get into the NBA?
No, sorry.

I've got a school project, can you help me?
Somewhat, Ill help you locate any info on the subject, but if you think I'm doing it for you, your crazy. I didn't do my own homework, let alone yours.

Your page sucks, are you a moron?
Thank you.

Are you associated with the Referees/ Do you know the Referees/ Do you have any more information on the Referees
No, NBAhoopsOnline is a fan site run by a fan, I nor any of my associates have any contact with the Referees, or the Referees union.