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157. Harry Gallatin

Gallatin was one of the first stars of the true NBA. He was a first round pick by the New York Knicks in 1948, and went on to play in seven all-star games.

Gallatin was one of the first players you could call a high school star. He was heavily recruited by several colleges but when he graduated high school in 1944 he joined the Navy. Gallatin would remain in the Navy until the conclusion of the Second World War than he enrolled at Northeast Missouri State.

While at NMSU Gallatin had a career average of 13 points a game but shot nearly 70 percent. He only played two years at NMSU before being selected by the Knicks.

Gallatinís first year with the Knicks he averaged 8 points on 32% shooting. He improved drastically his second year jumping to 12 points and 40%. Gallatin became a star his third year in the NBA where he averaged 13 points on 42%, 12 rebounds and made the all-star game for the first time in his career. He also lead the Knicks on a deep playoff run reaching the NBA finals only to lose to the Lakers.

In the 1950s the NBA was much different than it is today. Gallatin at barely six-foot-six-inches was the starting center for the Knicks.

His size did not limit his game though, in 1953-54 he would lead the NBA in rebounds and in a game against the Detroit Pistons in 1952 he pulled down a Knicks record, that stands to this day, 33 rebounds.

With Gallatin leading the team the Knicks got their first taste of winning and make the NBA finals 3 consecutive times from 51 until 53 but they would lose all three. Once to the Rochester Royals, now the Sacramento Kings, and twice to the Minneapolis Lakers, now the Los Angeles Lakers. Gallatin would also be named to seven consecutive all-star games from 1951 until 1957.

After nine years with the Knicks Gallatin was traded to the Detroit Pistons where he played his final season. His final career stats were 13 points, 12 rebounds on 40% shooting.

Following his playing career Gallatin got into coaching. First at Southern Illinois than took over as head coach of the St Louis Hawks where he won NBA Coach of the year honors in 1962. He would also coach the Knicks for a brief while.

He was elected to the Basketball Hall-of-Fame in 1991 and is currently living in Illinois.

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