Could the NBA be following the NFL? Well maybe! last night following a game between the New Orleans Hornets and the Utah Jazz a reporter asked NBA commisioner David Stern that if an expansion franchise is awarded to the city of Charlotte would the divisions change. Stern went a step further in his answear, he said that if Charlotte gets a team the NBA could go from four to eight divisions.

Having eight divisions makes sense, one it allows some teams a better chance at a division crown, it also evens out the playing talent, and could allow teams that dont make much money, make a little more.

If the NBA does realign divisions this is what it could look like.

Eastern conferance:
Boston, New York, New Jersey, Toronto, Philadelphia
South East
Miami, Orlando,New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit
Chicago, Washington, Memphis, Indiana,and Clevland

Western Confernace
North West
Seattle,Portland, Sacramento, and Golden State,
South West
LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Phoenix, Houston, and Dallas,
Rockey Mountain
Denver, Minnesota, Utah, Milwaukee, and San Antonio.

In this alignment the East would have 16, and the West 14. This would allow greater flexability in schedualing, it would also make each team in its own division to face each other 5 times. thus eleminationg championship ties.

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