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Boys playing basketball at a local YMCA.


Utah State School for the Deaf basketball team


LDS University men's basketball team.


LDS University men's basketball team.


Gordon Acadmeny girls basketball team.

circa 1908.

Girls playing outside at Rowland Hall school. Notice the lack of a backboard.


University of Utah men's basketball team


LDS University men's basketball team.


Lowell High School girls team


Henager business college team. J.C. Heneaar and and William McIntyre photographed.


West High School Girls basketball team. Banner says Salt Lake High.


Granite High men's basketball team, with one of the first African-American high school basketball players.


Night and day views of the original Salt Palace. Originally built in 1899 the building hosted some of the very first basketball games in Salt Lake City. On August 29, 1910 it burned to the ground.


A ball game outside at what is now likely Liberty Park.

circa 1912.

Salt Lake City Fire Department's basketball team.


Deseret Basketball team


A basketball team photo, possibly Southern Utah University.


University of Utah Men's Basketball Team

Murray High school


Goodyear Service Basketball team. Most likely a semi-pro team which would have faced local barnstomers.

One of the Goodyear players. Circa 1936. 1937

Utah at BYU. The Utes won 41-40.

Soldiers playing ball at an Army-Air Base circa World War II. This is likely what is today the Utah Air national guard base west of Salt Lake City and east of the Salt Lake International Airport.
circa 1943.

A game between Civillian Conservation Corps during what looks like World War II. Location could be Fort Douglas.


The University of Utah won the NCAA National title in 1944. They were selected to play in the tournament after losing in the NIT because the Marshall team had suffered a plane crash. This marks the University's and states only NCAA title. Though the University did make it again in 1998 before losing to Kentucky

Ute guard Arnie Ferrin.
Uptown Threatre with a banner of the 1944 NCAA champion Utah Utes. Threatre stood where ZCMI mall once was.

University of Utah guard Wat Misaka would go on to be the first ever non white player to play in the NBA. He played 3 games in the 1947-48 season for the New York Knicks


Brigham Young High School Men's team

University of Utah coach Vadal Peterson and guard Arnie Ferrin.


Feild house at the University of Utah during a basketball game.


A Brigham Young High School player helps another player out

The Salt Palace II, the original home of the Utah Star from 1970-75 and the Utah Jazz from 1979-91. The Stars won Utah's first professional sports championship in 1971 (Real Salt Lake won the next one in 2009). Game 7 of the ABA finals between the Stars and Kentucky Colonels set an ABA attendence record.


Utah Stars fans rush the court after the team wins the 1971 American Basketball Association Championship.


Bill Sharmin's 1971 Stars Championship ring.

Merv Jackson of the Utah Stars.


Moses Malone of the Utah Stars. Malone would go on to be one of the greatest NBA players of all-time winning 3 MVP awards.

circa 1974.

Moses Malone tries to block a shot of a Spirit of St Louis Player. After the Stars folded in 1975 the Spirits of St Louis were to move to Salt Lake and become the Utah Rockies. The move never happened because the ABA and NBA merged and the Spirits/Rockies got one of the greatest buyouts in history. To this day the owners still recieve TV revinue from the NBA.


Between the Stars and the Jazz, Utah had another professional basketball team: The Utah Prospectors.

The first time that Ering "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird would ever face off would be in Salt Lake City during the 1979 NCAA National Title Game. Johnson's Michigan State Spartans would win over Bird's Indiana State Sycamores
circa 1980.

The side of the Salt Palace introducing a game between the Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics. The Jazz first moved to Salt Lake City in 1979.

Sometime in the 1980s

The 1983-84 Utah Jazz team

Adrian Dantley was the Utah Jazz's first star.

The Salt Palace, home for the Utah Jazz from 1979-1991. Jazz played their last game there in 1991.


John Stockton and Karl Malone are named Co-MVPs of the 1993 NBA all-star game hosted in Salt Lake City


Karl Malone makes a hook shot against the Warriors. Karl Malone and John Stockton teamed up to make the Utah Jazz a basketball dynasty in the 1990s.


John Stockton drives to the hoop for a layup over Shawn Bradley. Stockton is considered by many in Utah to be the greatest NBA point guard ever.