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I got to see two new teams to start the day off, the Cavs and Knicks.

Wilson Chandler had a fantastic game for the Knicks, he looked like he really belonged in the NBA with his performance tonight. He was able to use his big frame to move people out of the way and get some easy shots. Danilo Gallinari had an atrocious game, he threw up brick after brick after brick. The comparisons to Marco Belinelli of Golden State are horrible, Gallinari is more like Bargnani than Belinelli. Except he is a bit more mobile than Bargnani. Mardy Collins had a solid game for the Knicks, he was able to get to the charity stripe on many occasions, but still needs to learn how to take better shots.

Anthony Roberson was on fire today, the guy put on a nice offensive show. Unfortunately, he is completely lost on defense. Half the time he didn’t even try.

JJ Hickson was the man for the Cavs, he has a body like Chandler but a little more athleticism which allowed him to score over guys. I wasn’t much impressed with the Cavs other contract guys; Billy Thomas had a mediocre game and didn’t make a mark on me at all, and Lance Allred hardly even played.

Clay Tucker did a nice job off the bench for the Cavs, he’s an agile player who has some range to his jump shot but struggled on defense a little.

Denver got a really good game out of a lot of players. Bobby Jones who played for the Nuggets, among other teams in the NBA, last year had a nice game for Denver. He was able to knock down some decent shots but still struggles on defense. Taurean Green did good as well, he used a quick first step to get to the hoop, he just needs to finish better.

Elton Brown had a good game for the Nuggets too with 11 and 10. But Brown has horrible footwork so he is always a defensive liability, think Carlos Boozer but without the heart.

Joey Graham had another solid outing for the Raptors, and was really the only one of the Raptors players who played well. He is looking like he might be able to start to contribute for the Raptors this up coming season. Hassan Adams is a chucker, he just chucked bad shot after bad shot all day long.

None of the none contract guys for the Raptors made any positive impressions. I was a little disappointed in Jaycee Carroll, I thought he’d have a decent game but he didn’t. He just looked out of place in the offense.

The talk of the town tonight is Dante Greene. He just went flat out off on Phoenix tonight for 40 points. I really cant say enough about him, he showed a complete offensive package, he can drive, pull-up and even has a very nice range to his shot. Greene’s scoring over shadows a very good game by Mike Harris. Harris had 21 points and 13 rebounds as well as played fantastic defense.

Marty Leunen had a nice game off the bench for the Rockets. But he’s a big man who falls in love with the three point shot to much. He doesn’t have the body to be a banger in the NBA nor does he have the range to be a big man who can draw out a defender. He had a nice game but mostly because the defense was so concentrated on Greene.

Phoenix got good games from their three contracted guys while everyone else stunk it up. Robin Lopez did alright, he is very soft in the paint and relies to much of finesse for a big man. He does not have the right mentality to be any kind of face in the paint, because he shy’s away from contact. Alando Tucker and DJ Strawberry had nearly identical games. Both play a similar style and both love to run, Tucker is a bit better shooter where as Strawberry tries to get to the hoop more often. Strawberry is also the better defender.

Marcus Vinicius was flat out pathetic, he played ghost man defense than yelled at his teammates when Greene blew by. On offense he just stood around waiting for the ball. When he did try to play defense all he did was foul.

Written by:
Jessica Styen