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NBA Summer League
Las Vegas | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 |
Salt Lake. | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

The first game was a typical summer league game, both teams struggled and it was low scoring. On the plus side the game was very entertaining.

Jamereo Davidson had a fantastic game for the Bobcats, he continued to find himself open to get easy shots. He is a hard worker on the boards too, but if he could just box out a little bit more he’d be so much better. Alexis Ajinca had a much better second game, he was able to make a few shots early and got into a good rhythm offensively His game still needs a lot of work defensively and at the most I think he is going to be the second coming of Johan Petro. DJ Augustine also continued to impress, he finds his teammates open but they do not capitalize on it when they get the ball, so he doesn’t have a lot of assists. He does however play good defense and is efficient and running the offense.

Orien Greene was again the best of the non contract guys for the Bobcats, he can move without the ball and did an excellent job of getting himself to the free throw line.

Julian Wright would have laid a complete egg today had it not been for his defense. Other than getting steals which lead to dunks he did not do much of anything positive. He struggled on defense again and just cannot play defense. Hilton Armstrong looked better today, but he still is struggling in this league.

The Hornets were saved by their non contract guys, mainly Bobby Brown. Brown had a great game, he was able to get to the hoop a lot and played decent defense. He had a good game in game one as well, but I just didn’t mention him. He is a hard working player who is willing to learn from the coaches, I say that because the coaches were yelling at the team in the first quarter to pick up their defense and when he entered the game he did just that. Larry Owens also had a nice quite game for the Hornets, he isn’t anything special but he tries hard and plays well within a team.

I was excited to see the Mavs again, but unfortunately they disappointed me once again. The Gerald Green showed just why he cannot make it in the NBA today, he relies only on his raw talent and not his brain. He is a good player, but he is a stupid player at the same time. James Singleton really had a nice game though, he got some easy shots and kept the Mavs from getting blown out during runs in the second and third quarters. I have one pressing question about this game, why wont Keith McLeod pass? Why? Can someone please tell me?

Of the non contract guys, only Charles Rhodes looked good, and he was only marginally decent. He is a classic tweener who doesn’t have the athleticism to make it in the NBA.

Marco Belinelli went off tonight, the guy is such a streaky shoot. I seen him do this last year and when he is on he is amazing. CJ Watson did better in this game than he did before, but I think that had more to do with the lack of opposing talent than anything. Anthony Randolph struggled a little bit in this game, he did an alright job but not like in game 1.

The non contract guys had a very sorry game, which is part of the season why this game slowed down at times.

OJ May continued his inconsistency in the summer league, he played good on offense but continued to take stupid shots but he once again struggled on defense. He also needs to learn to be able to take contact, a few minor bumps by bigger guys sent him flying, not a flopping flying like Manu Ginobili does, but a legitimate fall. Darrell Arthur had a horrible game, all he did was foul and commit turnovers. He really struggled against bigger stronger guys. Mike Conley did ok, but he seemed like he didn’t want to be there and was obviously holding back. But in his defense, it did seem like he has a groin injury, he was hold that area a lot and had trouble with lateral movement.

Ebi Ere had a very nice game. He doesn’t do anything which will grab your attention, he just plays a solid all around game.

The Lakers won this game as a team, no one player really stood out above any other. Once again Colby Karl is the only Laker worth mention that has a contract. He had his usually game and is showcasing enough that he may get picked up by someone again this year.

On a side note, James White did not play but he was talking to some of the Lakers brass and there is a rumor going around that the Lakers will either sign him or invite him to their fall camp.

Eric Gordon did not play for the Clippers which really bummed me out. But the Clippers did get a fantastic game out of DeAndre Jordan, who showcased why so many people were so high on him before the draft. He does have athletic ability and could be a steal if he works hard. Al Thornton had another solid game, but his production was somewhat hurt by Jordan’s game.

Nick Fazekas needs to get more involved in the offense, he is a great shooter but prefers to stand outside waiting for the ball to come to him. If he’d move around some he’d get a lot more shots.

Rodney Stuckey toyed with the Clippers for a while and then was pulled out and never returned. There was a rumor going around that he has a knee injury but he seemed to be walking fine to me. Aaron Afflalo was the man tonight. He hit nearly everything he threw up, and had they gone to him more he could have had a much bigger night.

With Stuckey out, Will Bynum got a lot of minutes and made the most out of them I think. He still has a crap-tacular game, but he’s at least trying to play better.

Written by:
Jessica Styen