Rocky Mountain Revue: Day 2    
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Las Vegas
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Rocky Mountain Revue
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Mavs pushed the temp early and got a lot of easy points. Barea is a good slasher and able to dump the ball off to big men in the paint. Hawks struggled once again with fouls, committing four defensive and two offensive in the first five minutes.

Law did a much better job of running the offense, he was able to dish it off to Solomon Jones a couple of times for dunks. Nick Fazekas had some nice moves, but heís mostly an outside type of guy.

Both teams really pushed the tempo, which lead to a fairly entertaining first quarter. Barea continued doing a nice job running the offense for the Mavericks. He is small but very good at getting to the hoop, and he is very quick.

Sheldon Williams did a nice job of getting himself in good places to grab rebounds and score in the first quarter. Towards the middle of the quarter the tempo slowed down a bit, with both teams running set plays.

The Mavericks got a boost from Brandon Bass, who showed he has some post moves. Bass got a couple of nice shots in the low post which extended the Mavs lead to 22-19.

Brandon Bass continued having a good game in the second, he has the ability to make play as a big man. Heís a solid passer and has a nice jump shot. Atlanta continued having trouble with turnovers, especially offensive fouls.

Dallas continued getting good shots, but Acie Law was unstoppable. Jose Barea had issues guarding Law, which allowed Law to get inside and score. Law would keep the Hawks close even though their offense was struggling, heíd also take advantage of Barea time and again.

Dallas would build their lead has high as eight on a couple of occasions, but the Hawks kept hanging around mostly due to Acie Law.

Dallas began struggling with their shooting late in the half, but Atlanta did a terrible job of boxing out which allowed the Mavericks to get a lot of second shot opportunities. Dallas took a 44-40 lead into half time.

Turnovers hurt the Mavs in the second half, it allowed the Hawks to get many extra opportunities, most of which they couldnít capitalize on. Thought the Hawks would finally take the lead on a Green three, but Fazekas answered it back with a trey of his own.

Brandon Bass continued causing problems inside for the Hawks, after the Hawks took a two point lead Bass tied it again with a nice hook.

The next few minutes saw both teams running a lot but not being able to finish. The Hawks would keep a one point lead for about 4 minutes as neither team could score. Dallas began having problems with offensive fouls.

The Hawks would finally find their offensive at about the three minute mark ,Earl Calloway began exploiting Jose Barea much like law did. and would go on a 6-0 run to take a 62-55 lead at the end of three.

The Hawks would build a 10 point lead early in the fourth thanks in large part to poorly executed Mavericks offense, and poor rebounding by the Mavs.

The Hawks allowed the Mavs to chip into their lead because they turned the ball over a lot doing a three minute stretch of the 4th quarter.

The Mavs were able to cut the lead to four by getting to the free throw line. Atlanta also was struggling a lot on offense at this time, missing many wide open shots. A Nick Fazekas three cut the score to 71-68 Hawks.

Sheldon Williams would save the Hawks, he hit a turn around jumper where he was foul, making the ensuing free throw. Heíd than race down the court after a Hawks miss and get fouled again, after making one of two free throws he would give the Hawks a 75-70 lead with under two minutes to go.

The Mavs just wouldnít go away, Maurice Ager would hit a three to bring them to within two, but on the following possession Acie Law hit a clutch jumper with Barea in his face. Barea would knock down two free throws, but Law would dish the ball off the Williams who hit the jumper giving the Hawks a 81-77 lead with 12 seconds to go. The Hawks would make their free throws and get the 83-77 win.

Craig Bradshaw: Heís a stiff, but he does try hard. Heís not a shooter but is often found out on the perimeter.

Acie Law: did a great job of penetrating and creating shots for himself. He also took advantage of the much smaller Barea, posting him up a couple of times. Law looked nothing like he did in the first game of the revue, He looked much more confident today.

Sheldon Williams: Had another solid game, heís gotten a lot better in the paint and can create shots for himself without the ball. He does still need to work on his post positioning, as he gives up his position sometimes.

Solomon Jones: He did a nice job rebounding, but he is really weak down low and can easily be pushed out of the way.

Devin Green: He had a bad shooting night, but was able to rebound and play defense. Heís also very good moving without the ball.

Ronell Taylor: He needs to learn how to finish, he missed about four lay-ups which he should have made.

Jose Barea: heís good offensively but lacks defensive awareness. His defense was down right horrible at times.

Nick Fazekas: He needs to learn how to box out, and when he does get a rebound he needs to keep it up high. He brought rebounds down a couple of times which allowed the Hawks guards to strip the ball from him. Offensively he is a lot like Scott Padgett, a big guy who can shoot.

Brandon Bass: He did a very nice job down low for the Mavericks. Heís not a physically strong player in the post, he just uses his body very well.

Maurice Ager: He took a lot of ill-advised shots, but when he did take a good shot he usually hit them. He has a very nice stroke he just rushes things somethingís.

Reyshawn Terry: He really wasnít all that impressive, he never got into the offense and was always on the outside. He also had trouble with fouls.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu: He had foul issues which kept him out of the game, and he never really got involved when he was in the game. He is very good at getting offensive rebounds however.

Eddie Basden: He did a decent job of running the offense, but it was when he was running the point when the Hawks made their runs.

CJ Watson got the Spurs going early with a couple of long shots, one a three, Paul Millsap would be the guy for the Jazz again, scoring four points and pulling down four boards in the first three minutes. Utah would take a lot of long shots which allowed the Spurs guards to get the ball and run with it.

Millsap would continue being a one man wrecking crew for the Jazz, with about five minutes left he had all 13 of Utahís points, and 6 rebounds. Millsap would give the Jazz a 10-9 lead before Marcellus Sommerville hit a three.

The Spurs would get a lot of open looks with their dribble penetration. Watson was really good at this.

Someone other than Millsap would score for the Jazz at the 4 minute mark when Araujo knocked down a long jumper. Utah continued having ball handling issues into the latter part of the first quarter. San Antonio took a lot of long jump shots again, a lot of their guys arenít shooters and miss badly.

Utah would build a 3 point lead but gave it up by committing multiple fouls, after the first the Spurs lead 18-17.

Utah committed four consecutive turnovers to start the quarter which allowed the Spurs to turn their 1 point lead in a 7 point lead. Keydren Clark had issues with the ball, he threw it away twice and than got called for traveling.

Keith Langford gave the Jazz problems getting into the lane, he was able to use his size against Clark. However, Langford is a very poor free throw shooter for a guard. Lojeski was able to cut a 8 point lead to 5 with a long trey.

Lojeski would add another free throw to cut it to 4, than Keydren Clark added a lay-up to cut it to two. After a Utah free throw cut the lead to 3, the Spurs reeled of 10 straight points to take a 13 point lead. Rich Melzer found his jump shot, knocking down three of them during this run.

The Spurs did a good job of rotating so that the Jazz couldnít get open looks. Utah was also very careless with the ball, many times they just threw it right to the Spurs players.

Utah had a run which cut the lead to 8, but after three consecutive t turnovers the Lead was up to 12. Utah would make a run right before the half cutting the lead to 41-33.

Turnover continued to hamper the Jazz in the second half, as they turned it over on their first three possessions. The Spurs continued to play good defense, they switched a lot which kept the Jazz on their toes and the Spurs did a nice job of boxing out, limiting Utahís offensive rebounds.

The Spurs did have foul problems, on one possession they fouled Utah four times. Rich Melzerís footwork was a huge problem, he canít reset his feet quick enough.

Once Utah began limiting the Spurs to one shot and jump shots they began to cut the lead down. After two consecutive Araujo scores, the Jazz had cut the lead to five at 46-41.

Utah began turning the ball over again, which lead to the Spurs building back a double digit lead. Utah lacked any real offensive weapons which simply meant they couldnít score. Utah also got into the penalty early putting the Spurs on the line a lot.

Utah missed a lot of free throws inside two minutes of the third, Levon Kendall went 2-4. The Missed free throws and turnovers allowed the Spurs to take a 55-44 lead going into the fourth and final quarter.

Levon Kendall came a live to start the fourth, scoring four points and playing hard defense which resulted in two Spurs turnovers. Kyrylo Fesenko would pick up were Kendall left off, Fesensko would score 7 straight points, and get a block shot the cut the lead to two, John Millsap would hit a long jumper to tie the score at 57.

CJ Watson would score six straight for the Spurs, but the lead was cut in half after Paul Millsap made a lay-up and was fouled. Utah committed a lot of fouls again, and got themselves in the penalty early again

Utah was able to tie the game a couple of times because of Paul Millsap who hit another couple of jumpers. But turnovers once again hurt the Jazz, and after two calls which went San Antonios way the Spurs had a 72-67 lead with 27 seconds left.

Spurs would hit their free throws to get a 75-71 victory.

Kyrylo Fesenko: Needs to learn ball control, he gave up many loose balls because he just doesnít have the hands. Needs to improve his awareness of where the ball is at. He lacks the hands which are required in the NBA.

Keydren Clark: He had turnover issues, most of which were just stupid ones. He does play hard though, and is not afraid of bigger guys in the paint.

Kevin Lyde: Heís a big body but he lacks offensive awareness and is slow.

Paul Millsap: He was really a man among boys in the first quarter, but just like the game on Saturday he didnít get back into the offense after the first quarter.

John Millsap: Heís a lot like his brother, only not as talented. He is a smart player who works hard on every play.

Eddie Gill: He does ok on the offensive end but defensively he seems like a liability.

Dee Brown: Sometimes he needs to think about scoring, heís very good at penetrating and is quick, he could get lay ups if he didnít always look to pass.

Rafael Araujo: heís a foul waiting to happen, every game heís played heís gotten into foul trouble. Like Fesneko, he must improve his hands, he drops way to many passes.

Rich Melzer: He really found his jump shot in the second quarter which helped the Spurs build their lead.

CJ Watson: Heís very good at running the offense and has a nice jump shot. He does try to push it to hard sometimes. He showed a lot of composure being able to essentially take over during a Utah run in the fourth quarter.

Marcus Williams: Moved a lot better without the ball than in previous games. He still has problems on defense and does look lost on offense at times. He also needs to work on his attitude, he almost got ejected because of his comments.

Marcellus Sommervile: Heís been improving but he still needs to be able to knock down a jump shot with some consistency.

Pooh Jetter: did a really nice job of running the offense in the second half, and knocked down a few clutch jump shots and free throws.

I was sitting near some NBA exects today, and I over heard a few things.

  • Matt Lojeski apparently has a contract in Europe, but that contract will only be good if he fails to make the Jazz roster. They said the Jazz, so I'm just infering that the Jazz may have offered Lojeski some sort of contract.

  • Marcus Williams has an issue with a few people on the Spurs summer league roster.

  • Viktor Sankidze, who is no longer with the team due to National team issues, may return to the Spurs this fall for training camp. the Spurs brass were impressed with what they saw of him.

  • The Bulls really like Dee Brown.