Rocky Mountain Revue: Day 2    
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Las Vegas
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Rocky Mountain Revue
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Spurs got off to a quick start with two nice shots by Melzer, followed by a Sankidze dunk. but poor rebounding by the spurs allowed the Hawks to reel off 9 points in a row to take a 9-6 lead. Frederic Adjiwanu got one of the strangest scores ever, a blocked shot by James white bounced off of Adjiwanu and into the hoop

The Spurs once again had trouble getting into their offense, on a couple of possessions they had a hard time getting it across half court. Turnovers were actually a problem for both teams, in the first 7 minutes of the game each team had 6 traveling violations.

The hawks blew a four point lead on one possession, fouling Harvey, who missed the free throw, than following White who got a 3 point play. The Hawks seemed to have fouled the Spurs on every possession inside two minutes, but the spurs would miss 5 straight free throws. The Spurs did a nice job on the offensive glass giving themselves many extra shot opportunities, Sankidze was able to grab 3 offensive boards in the quarter, but for some reason was only credited with one. At the end of the first the Spurs lead 17-15

The teams traded baskets to start the second. Horford looked good again early, scoring six points for Atlanta in the first three minutes. But he would struggle for the rest of the game. The Hawks went on a run at about the 7 minute mark and took a 26-21 lead after a Solomon Jones put back.

James white was running the point for a while for the Spurs, he struggled when he was doubled heíd usually turn it over or shoot it. White apparently has never met a shoot he didnít like.

James white and Viktor Sankidze both got hurt in the second quarter and would leave the game, and neither would return.

Sheldon Williams looked the best I have ever seen him look. He was able to keep the Spurs off the backboard in the second quarter, and got a few good looking shots to go down. Horford hussled a lot but wasnít getting involved in the offense.

The Hawks defense did a nice job of switching, keeping the Spurs from getting good looks. The Hawks would finish the quarter with a lot of energy while the Spurs barely had any, this allowed the Hawks to take a 10 point lead into the locker-room.

Second half began sluggishly, both teams committed multiple turnovers. Four minutes into the quarter both teams had scored only 4 points. At about the six minute mark the Hawks began a run which would increase their lead to 15 at 50-35.

Turnovers continued to plague the Spurs, which continued to lead to easy scoring oppertunities for the Hawks. The Hawks would build their lead as high as 17 before the Spurs cut it to 13 after an Adjiwanu score. The Hawks hit a lot of open jump shots during about a three minute stretch to re-extend their lead to 15, but by quarters end the Spurs had cut it to 12 at 58-46.

Donnell Harvey cut the lead to ten with a follow up dunk, but Derek Raivio extend it once again for the Hawks. Derek Raivio did a very good job of spreading the floor and knocking down jumpers. His shooting helped extend the lead to 14.

Sheldon Williams continued to cause havoc in the paint with rebounding and put backs. The Hawks would have blown this open had they not continually committed offensive fouls.

Langford would cut a 16 point hawks lead to just ten, but the trading of baskets allowed the Hawks to never be in any real danger of losing the lead. The Hawks would go on to win the game 79-68

Player breakdown

James White: He looked out of shape, he is very athletic however and did look better as the game went on. He also needs to choose his shots better, he threw up many bad ones.

Donnell Harvey: He lacks fundamentals, he missed many point blank shots and doesnít have a very good basketball IQ. He is however very athletic.

Rich Melzer: takes way to many threes for a guy who isnít a shooter.

Acie Law IV: did a much better job on the screen and roll tonight than last night. He still needs to work on his shooting as he missed a few wide open shots. Having trouble guarding faster players, and is getting in foul trouble

Devin Green: Heís quick, very quick, which allowed him to get in front of the defense for some easy buckets. Heís also a good defender and passer.

Sheldon Williams: He did an excellent job of putting himself in position to score. He also did a nice job on the board.

Al Horford: he really struggled with the exception of a few minutes in the second quarter. He has a habit of hooking his defender which resulted in offensive fouls.

Derek Raivio: he is a flat out shooter who can hit from anywhere on the floor.

The early part of the game belonged to the Millsap brothers, they would score five of the first 7 Utah points. Philadelphia struggled from the field scoring their first three points from the line. The game was very sloppy to start with both teams committing multiple turnovers.

Once again Utah had problems with their bigs being outside the three point line with the ball. Philadelphia however would leave openings for the bigs to get the ball into the paint.

Paul Millsap was a beast, scoring six point in the first six minutes, grabbing boards and getting a huge block. Millsap had a dribbling jump shot which he was fouled on, after the free throw the Jazz lead 14-9

Utah dominated inside during the first quarter, mainly because the Sixers had no answer for Paul Millsap-- who finished the quarter with 8 points. Utahís domination of the paint wasnít just limited to Millsap, Doornekamp, and guard Matt Lojeski also got easy shots in the paint. Utah lead 23-16 at the end of the first.

Utah continued to get easy shot to start the second, building a nine point lead, but after a Young three and a Freetown the lead was cut to 5. Utah missed 5 point blank lay-ups during one possession.

Herbert Hill kept the Sixers in the game. He was able to score on a couple of lay-ups and got a jump shot to fall. Philadelphia, who was without Louis Williams and Rodney Carney, had a hard time getting into their offense.

Philadelphia ,not being able to go inside, went outside hitting two straight threes. Utah would go to Paul Millsap who added four more points in the quarter. But Philadelphia outside shooting had cut the Jazz lead to three.

Utah would start going inside once again, going into Fesneko and Kendall, and Morris Almond would hit a couple of jumpers to give the Jazz a 10 point lead, a Byars jumper would cut the lead to 8 going into the half.

Philadelphia came right out in the second half and begun cutting into the Utah lead, Jason Smith hit a couple of shots and after some Bobby Jones free throw the Utah lead was two. Almond would hit another jumper to give the Jazz some breathing room.

Philly would continue cutting into the lead and at the seven minute mark the Jazz lead was just one. This had a lot to do with Paul Millsap getting into foul trouble.

Philly would tie the game at the six minute mark. John Millsap began to pick up were his brother left off scoring five points in the third. Turnovers also caused Utah problems in the third. Philly would take a 56-54 lead on a pair of Jason Smith free throws.

John Cox hit a pair of long three pointers to twice give Philadelphia a three point lead. Following the first one Eddie Gill got inside for a lay-up and was fouled, a moment later Cox hit his second trey.

Philadelphia would extend its lead to as many as seven after some Amundson free throws. Amundson had a good third quarter, this was mainly due to the absence of the Millsaps. Utah struggled offensively when they had all rookies in the game. After the end of three the Sixers lead 70-65.

The Sixers would start the 4th with three consecutive three point plays. Two and ones, and a long try by john Cox to give them a 78-66 lead. Utah looked lost offensively only scoring one point in the first two minutes.

Utah continued to miss outside shots, not even looking for inside ones, while the Sixers kept getting lay-ups. John Cox hit another three extending Phillyís lead to 85-68.

Philly offensive explosion continued, extending their lead to as many as twenty one. Dee Brown tried keeping Utah in it, he was able to score and get to the line a couple of times. But Utahís other players didnít have anything left as the Sixers ran away with the game.

Player Breakdown

Kyrylo Fesenko: He needs to get more aggressive when rebounding. Sometimes he looks lost on offense.

Dee Brown: he showed he can score, but he must work on his shooting.

Paul Millsap: had a monster first half but got into foul trouble and never got back into the flow of the game.

Carl Elliot: He reaches a lot on defense, and is an overall poor defender.

Eddie Gill: Nice facilitator but heís not a great shooter.

Matt Lojeski: heís a pure shooter, and heís very good moving without the ball to get himself open.

Kevin Lyde: he really has nothing to give a team offensively or defensively

Bobby Jones: He took a lot of ill-advised shots, and missed four free throws in the first quarter. But had a much stronger second half and was a key factor in the Sixers second half run.

Herbert Hill: Heís a strong able bodied forward, who is good both down low and has a decent job shot.

Jason Smith: Very agile for a center, has good ball handling skills as well.

John Cox: good three point shooter with a very nice release. His shooting tonight was just amazing, he hit many of his threes with a hand in his face.

Louis Amundson: heís a good player, but struggles against superior talent. He also plays out of control sometimes.