NBA Summer League: Day 4    
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Day four of the NBA Summer league is the first day which games will be broken up between the Thomas and Mack Center, and Cox Pavilion, something I really don’t like. I like being able to see all the games, and not having to choose which games to see.

The first game was the Spurs and Celtics, and in typical fashion of these two teams the game was slow and boring. Both teams flat out sucked, every player except Jackie Butler sucked too. The Spurs only one because of Butler, had he sucked too this game would have been in the low 40s in scoring.

Butler got 16 points and 12 rebounds, yet he rarely had a play ran for him. He got most his points off of offensive rebounds and broken plays. Had he gotten the ball to him more he would have scored a lot more and made this a better game, he always had position in the post it was just the guards wouldn’t give him the ball. C.J. Watson had another good game but didn’t run the offense as well as he had previously done. James White looked horrible out there, he needs to let the game come to him, and not rush his shots.

For the Celtics they got good games from Rajon Rando, Big Baby Davis, and Gerald Green. Big Baby is really big, but not as big as he was in college, which should help his NBA career. He does use his massive body to move people out of the way with ease. Rando is a good ball handler, but lacks court vision.

Studs and Duds


Jackie Butler, He used his size effectively, and should have been the first option on offense.

Glen “big Baby” Davis, He’s as fat as Butler, but doesn’t have the size which is going to hurt him.


Everyone, Most players sucked.

The Second game was a lot better than the first. The second game was the Warriors and Sixers. This game was high scoring and had a lot better flow.

The Sixers were once again lead by Louis Williams, who is an absolute monster in this league. Williams almost had a triple double and is pretty much unstoppable, but he is turnover prone. Thaddeus Young did a nice job too, but he took a lot of bad shots. He definitely has some skills but really needs seasoning. Rodney Carney also had a nice game, though he does rush his shot.

Marco Belinelli continues to be the guy for the Warriors, he didn’t get 37 like the last game but tonight he did lead the Warriors with 23. He may be a challenger for rookie of the year this year, the game just comes that easily to him. Pierre Piece, who looked like garbage in the first game, looked like Paul Pierce tonight. He had a nice rhythm to his shot and took good shots, but his defense is only so-so.

Studs and Duds


Louis Williams, he is flat out amazing. He’s fun to watch and is a mixture of Allen Iverson and Spud Webb.

Thaddeus Young, he’s got an all-around game but needs to learn more about the pro game, he made a lot of rookie errors.

Jason Smith, Not a goto guy offensively, but he is a good rebounder and good intimidator.

Rodney Carney, He’s starting to look better.

Marco Belinelli, he has been so much fun to watch. He can really do everything, he’s a good shooter, slasher, passer, and his defense isn’t half bad.

Pierre Pierce, Great stroke and can find his own shots.


Louis Amundson, the UNLV product has a lot of fans, but he just had a bad game. His bad game may be due to an injury he got the other day.

Derek Byars, Bad shot selection, and poor play sent him to the bench early.

Patrick O’Bryant, he got out muscled down low by Smith and never got into the game.

Written by Jessie Styen