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Reasons Why Luka Doncic Deserves the 2024 Magic Johnson Trophy

Luka Doncic was announced as the recipient of the 2024 Magic Johnson Trophy. You won't find it hard to believe that the 25-year-old basketball player deserved the title after his performance in the NBA Western Conference Finals at the end of May 2024.

Here are a few reasons why Luka Doncic deserves the 2024 Magic Johnson Trophy more than any other player in the NBA.

Dallas Mavericks won the Western Conference Finals

The Western Conference Finals was held on May 31, 2024, at the Target Center in Minneapolis. Dallas Mavericks faced the Minnesota Timberwolves to decide the winner of the Western Conference series. Luka Doncic was able to lead his team to victory by scoring 36 points for the Dallas Mavericks in the game.

The Minnesota Timberwolves were defeated by the Dallas Mavericks in a 124-103 win for Luka’s team. Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic were the 2 most dominant players in the Western Conference Finals. As the forward guards, both of these players managed to play for over 35 minutes to give their team a distinctive advantage that helped the Dallas Mavericks lift the trophy.

The first 2 quarters of the match were easily handled by the Dallas Mavericks. Luka Doncic ensured that the Dallas Mavericks had a strong start with 35 points in Q1 and 34 points in Q2. He made several shots from the 3 pointer region on the basketball court to motivate his team to clinch a win against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Step Back Jump shot, in particular, was amazing to watch as Luka Doncic shot the ball through the hoop in the 4th minute.

Rebounds were received well by Luka Doncic in the second quarter of the NBA Western Conference Finals. He also made multiple assists to his teammates to score points for the Dallas Mavericks. Derrick Jones Jr. could dribble the ball past players in the Minnesota Timberwolves as a reliable ally to Luka Doncic. Kyrie Irving took a few free throws in Q2 to help his team win the Western Conference Finals match in the NBA.

Luka Doncic held a solid 28.8 PPG

Luka Doncic has been consistent with his performance for the Dallas Mavericks throughout the 2024 season. He maintained a 28.8 points per game (ppg) from 17 matches. The Slovenian basketball player has a 9.6 rebounds per game (rpg) and 8.8 assists per game (apg) in the 2024 Playoffs.

He scored more than 30 points for his team in 3 consecutive matches before the Western Conference Finals of the NBA. Luka Doncic had a 33.9 ppg during the 2024 NBA regular season, providing his team with a massive burst of momentum. He has taken several shots from the center of the basketball court, scoring many points for the Dallas Mavericks from 8 feet and 16 feet distance. Luka Doncic accumulated a majority of his ppg from 2 pointers during the 2024 season. He had a 32.4 ppg during the last season in the NBA and a 28.4 ppg in the 2021-2022 season for the Dallas Mavericks.

Received All 9 Votes for the 2024 Western Conference Finals MVP

Luka Doncic was awarded the MVP of the Western Conference Finals by receiving all 9 votes from a media panel. The voters on the media panel included Cory Alexander from ESPN Radio, Vince Goodwill from Yahoo Sports, Chris Pine from Star Tribune, Shaun Powell from NBA.com, and Brad Townsend from Dallas Morning News.

The Magic Johnson Trophy is given to the Western Conference Finals MVP annually in the NBA. It was named after the legendary Los Angeles Lakers player who won the title 10 times throughout his NBA career. It has a shiny white basketball mounted on a trophy to honor the best basketball player of the Playoff series.

Nicknamed "Luka Magic"

He is called "Luka Magic" by his teammates in the NBA. Luka Doncic stands at a height of 6 feet and 7 inches. He was one of the youngest players to join the Real Madrid basketball club at the age of 16. The European basketball player was drafted into the NBA in 2018 by the Dallas Mavericks. He won the Rookie of the Year award in the 2018-2019 season of the NBA. Luka Doncic was the highest scorer in the 2023-2024 season, giving his nickname "Luka Magic" plenty of ground to remain undisputed.

The Slovenian basketball player has appeared in a total of 400 matches for the Dallas Mavericks since being drafted into the team. He was the first teenager to record 4 triple-doubles in the NBA. Luka Doncic scored 42 points for the Dallas Mavericks in his NBA Playoffs debut. He was the cover athlete for the video game NBA 2K22.

He won the NBA All-Star 5 times in his career. Luka Doncic was awarded the NBA Player of the Week 13 times and the NBA Player of the Month 5 times. He regularly plays for the Slovenian national team, appearing in the FIBA Basketball World Cup, Olympics, and EuroBasket matches. He scored more than 200 points for his national team in the FIBA Basketball World Cup in 2023. He definitely deserves the Magic Johnson Trophy for his unbeatable performance on the basketball court.