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Steph Curry is a basketball legend and is regarded as the greatest shooter in NBA history. He's also widely credited with bringing about a revolution in basketball itself by inspiring players and teams to take more than three-point shots.


To date, Curry has won four NBA Championships, been named a nine-time NBA All-Star, and received an NBA All-Star Game MVP Award. And he’s notched up the vast majority of these accolades and achievements with blurry vision.

What? Steph Curry Needs Glasses?

The all-star shooter was just as surprised as you when he was told in 2019 that he needed eye correction - and probably had spent his entire career to that point playing with sub-optimal vision. Curry revealed that he has keratoconus, an eye disease that affects around one in 375 people. 


This is awe-inspiring, given that he's widely held to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Since getting corrective lenses in 2019, needless to say, Curry's peerless performance has reached even greater heights.


Although Curry may have only recently discovered that he needs glasses, he's been a fan of Strobe Glasses for years, having been spotted wearing them at training sessions back in 2015. Manufacturers Sensory Performance Technology make and sell wearable tech designed specifically to help athletes uplevel their performance. Although they look like regular sunglasses, Strobe Glasses create a black-to-clear strobing effect, which, the company states, can help improve reaction time on the court.


Nike's similarly-functioning Vapor Strobe glasses use the same kind of technology but feature a sleek, futuristic-looking single lens to completely cover the field of vision.


How to Get Steph Curry's Signature Spectacle Style

With his newly-minted eye prescription, the world of high-fashion glasses from luxury designers has opened to the basketball superstar. He’s regularly seen rocking a pair of Clubmaster-style glasses with black upper rims and gold details and armbars. This choice is perfect for Curry, adding an on-trend vintage vibe to either casual or formal wear. Clubmasters feature a distinctive brow line that first became popular in the 1950s, and they’ve been loved by the glitterati ever since!


Curry is also regularly spotted rocking a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers sunglasses which, handily, can be fitted with prescription lenses, so there's no need to let near-sightedness get in the way of your style!


Will Wayfarers Suit My Face Shape

Wayfarer shades, like those worn by basketball legend Steph Curry, tend to feature flat temples and round lenses, with armbars that curve slightly outwards. They’re very versatile and look great on most face shapes, although they work particularly well when worn by those with square, oblong, diamond, or heart-shaped faces. The oversized lenses make for superior coverage and sun protection, while authentic Ray-Ban models are guaranteed to be of extra high quality: one of the reasons why the Wayfarer is one of the most popular types of sunglasses in the world.


What is Keratoconus?

The eye disease that Steph Curry was diagnosed as suffering from, keratoconus, has the potential to impair vision significantly. It's marked by the presence of cornea distortion, affecting the part of the eye responsible for focusing vision.


Normal soft contact lenses aren’t usually adequate to correct the lack of focus caused by keratoconus - rigid contact lenses with hard surfaces tend to be worn, instead, to restore smoothness to the light-bending surface of the eye and restore proper vision. Keratoconus most often develops during the teen years, and it’s likely that Curry had it for a long time before his diagnosis. There is a lot of variability in the severity of the disease; for some people, the effect on vision can be dramatic, while in other individuals, it may be barely noticeable.


Does Steph Curry Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses to Play Basketball?

On the court, Steph Curry wears contact lenses, although he’s regularly seen wearing prescription glasses or shades when he's not training or playing. When it comes to choosing between glasses and contact lenses for sport or exercise, many people opt for the former. Contact lenses tend to be the safer option, and there’s also no worry about them slipping or falling off during a game.


Plus, contact lenses are compatible with any helmet or other safety wear worn on the head or around the eyes, and many options now even incorporate UV protection. So, it's not surprising that Curry opts for contacts on the court.


An alternative to glasses or contact lenses is prescription sports goggles. There are several NBA players, such as Trae Young and Dwayne Wade, who sport this eyewear. Goggles are a good option for those who’d like some additional eye protection as well as the best vision possible while they play.


Steph Curry: Eyes on the Prize

Now it’s been revealed that Steph Curry has spent the majority of his stellar basketball career playing with blurry vision; speculation on his potential is rife. He's already generally regarded as one of the greatest basketball players in history, and it looks as if his legend status is set to grow even further this season and beyond.