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Top NBA Free Agents Who Could Change Teams During 2024 Summer

Even with the NBA playoffs in full swing, it's not too early to start thinking about the offseason. After all, the season is over for a majority of teams, so most of them are thinking about offseason plans. Most notably, teams with cap space are thinking about what free agents they can sign this summer. Rather than getting fixated on restricted free agents or players who look unlikely to move, we wanted to focus on free agents with an uncertain future who have a legitimate chance of changing teams before the 2024-25 season.

LeBron James

There is no assurance that James will play at all next season, although he's too good to just retire and still dreams of playing one season with his son. There is also no guarantee that he’ll remain with the Lakers. By all accounts, James is planning to explore his options on the free-agent market, so if he doesn’t want to stay in Los Angeles, he could sign just about anywhere.

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James Harden

Harden didn’t even spend a full season with the Clippers, so he doesn't have much loyalty to them. Instead, Harden is going to look to get paid this summer. Clearly, he can still play at a high level and be a key part of a contender. But even after trading for him, the Clippers could have a tough time convincing Harden to stay in Los Angeles if they’re not the highest bidder

OG Anunoby

His value to the Knicks was evident late in the regular season and has continued during the playoffs. The problem for the Knicks is they can't negotiate an extension with Anunoby before he hits the open market. That will increase the number of serious suitors he has this summer. Of course, New York has undoubtedly made a positive impression on Anunoby. But he may want to explore his options beyond the Knicks and find a new long-term home. Tobias Harris

After bouncing around a lot early in his career, Harris has been with the 76ers since 2019. He’s had stability in Philadelphia for more than five years. However, it’s evident that he and the Sixers won’t be renewing their arrangement. Harris isn’t exactly an all-star-caliber player, but he’s still a bonafide starter in the NBA. There are several rebuilding teams that will likely offer him a lucrative deal with the belief that Harris can accelerate their rebuild and make them a playoff contender sooner.

D’Angelo Russell

There are growing indications that Russell will decline his player option with the Lakers and hit the open market. The former all-star had a good run during his second stint with the Lakers but doesn’t appear excited about staying in Los Angeles. Russell probably isn’t an elite player at this point in his career. However, for any team that needs a starting point guard, he figures to be an attractive option.

Buddy Hield

When the 76ers traded for him in February, they knew there was no guarantee that Hield would stay with them this summer. He’s obviously something of a one-trick pony, but that’s okay when you’re a 40% career three-point shooter. Hield holds plenty of value for the role he plays on an NBA roster. That’s why Philadelphia is going to make an effort to re-sign him. But it’s also why other teams will also be interested in signing Hield this summer. DeMar DeRozan

There is no question the Bulls want DeRozan to stay in Chicago. They can offer him a $130 million deal, which would be enough for most players to stay put. However, DeRozan has also indicated that he wants to win, which is something that hasn’t come easy with Chicago’s last playoff series win coming in 2015. If DeRozan is fine taking less money for the opportunity to chase a championship, he’s likely to leave the Bulls and could end up anywhere.

Klay Thompson

Thompson will be one of the most fascinating free agents to watch this summer. He’s never known any team other than the Warriors, although his tenure in Golden State could be coming to an end. Thompson is still a good player but probably not an all-star. It’s also fair to say that Golden State’s window has closed. That could make it a good idea for both sides to move on from one another, so who knows where Thompson could end up by the end of the summer.