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What Are The Best Basketball Betting Strategies?

When the potential to win or lose large sums of money is present, having a consistent and successful strategy is one of the best methods to ensure sustained success. Creating accounts on sportsbooks with free bet offers is an excellent way to build up risk-free capital and develop a plan that will continue to yield a return on investment.

Player availability
Perhaps more than any other sport, the NBA is subject to unpredictable player availability. It is relatively apparent that money should not be wagered on a game until you know which players are in the lineup, but basketball throws different twists and turns at the bettor.

There used to be a lot of players who played every single game in the NBA regular season during history. For example, in the 2002-2003 season, 46 players appeared in all 82 games.

In the last decade or so, however, franchises have been much more cautious about resting their players to ensure they are fully healthy when they play, when NBA teams are scheduled to play back to backs, or two games in two consecutive days, the likelihood that a coach will decide to rest a player in one of those games increases.

It is also not a popular topic in league circles, but a few organizations decide not to prioritize winning if their season gets off to a slow start. This is done to increase their chances that they will secure a top draft pick, and as a result, players with relatively minor injuries may miss games.

In the 2021-2022 NBA season, only five players played all 82 games, signifying a change in the times. Be sure to check injury reports often.

The style of the teams
Another strategy to keep in mind is the style of the teams involved in the game, as it relates to the total points figures. For example, if two high-octane offensive teams like the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns are set to play, and the over/under total is set to 203.5, it seems like a good bet that this will go over. Check to see how much each team scores each game on average. There can be clues in these statistics that can help you understand whether a team wants to slow the pace down and win on defense or run and shoot a lot of three-pointers.

The good thing about betting combined totals is that there is no singular pressure on one event or player to accomplish anything. You are wagering on the established trends of two teams who together can achieve what you think they will if they hold to pass performance.

Betting on the upper echelon
Even though it may not be the most exciting strategy, betting on the upper echelon NBA teams more often than not will likely lead to a profit over time. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, the core of championship teams usually remain together for another season to help defend their crown. Looking at the last two champions, the Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks have remained strong and are safe bets to have great regular seasons again in 2022-2023. One main reason is that they have two of the best players in the NBA, Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who can make up for their teammates having bad games.

It may not be the easiest thing to remember in the heat of the moment, but remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Certain wagerers are used to betting in specific sports, like American Football or world football. The season in those sports is much shorter, so bettors can have a different approach.

For example, there are only 17 regular season games in an NFL season, so someone might be more inclined to act aggressively because the opportunity to make money is not as plentiful. Premier League football plays 38 matches per year, more than double American football, but the shelf life is still relatively short.

The NBA season is 82 games long. That provides someone with ample opportunity to win or lose. With that in mind, it is critical to budget your funds to last the whole season. If there is a night where the slate of games does not look attractive from a betting standpoint, it is ok to wait for the next day.