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Upcoming NBA 2022/23 games we should not miss

NBA fanatics have just been warmed up, with the 2022/23 season that is currently running towards some of the most anticipated, fun and intriguing confrontations between teams having stood out in the previous seasons and posing as favorites in this season. As we are heading almost in half-season - at least monthly-wise- those who love the NBA games will have plenty of chances to celebrate the sport itself, enjoy good basketball and make predictions over rivalries.

Betting is actually expected to skyrocket in the following months and sportsbooks from all over the world, including Bangladesh, will be offering several NBA betting markets to cater to the growing interest of punters. Bangladeshi betting site bkash, for instance, is an excellent set of options for those who are interested in NBA betting. Obviously, one will be able to find a handful of different markets even in countries, which are not traditional homes to basketball.

Basketball thrill will continue to rise up until the end of the season, while it is anticipated to reach every corner of the world where basketball generally and the NBA specifically are enthusiastically and fanatically watched. NBA betting is also anticipated to explode, as NBA games are fast-changing and dynamic and punters can be very creative in their in-play betting.

Let's see, what is up next and which NBA games fans should not miss in the upcoming scheduled confrontations.

Boston Celtics @ Golden State Warriors
On Dec 10, the Celtics are going to confront the Warriors after their last game in the NBA finals back in June, where they lost the title. It is very interesting to see how both teams are going to come off in this match. The Celtics bring in Malcolm Brogdon, a new addition in the confrontation with the Warriors and this might be a game-changing thing. We'll just have to wait some more time to see!

Minnesota Timberwolves @ LA Clippers
The LA Clippers have strongly been positioned amongst the top favorites to win the NBA 2022/23, so it is only natural to eagerly expect to see any of their critical games. Playing with the Timberwolves will be a really enjoyable competition to watch on Dec 15.

Milwaukee Bucks @ Boston Celtics
On Christmas day, the most interesting game in the Eastern Conference is no other than the Milwaukee Bucks vs the Boston Celtics. The Bucks are visiting the Celtics for a rematch of their seven-game thriller in the conference semifinal. We'll get to see Giannis Antetokounmpo unfolding his unique talent once again and this is on its own a "must-see" for the day - Dec 25.

Memphis Grizzlies @ Golden State Warriors
On the same day at Christmas, another very important game will be broadcasted and this is the Grizzlies against the Warriors. An absolute confrontation of the Western Conference, where we expect to see a lot of action. The Warriors are coming off as favorites, but the underdog Grizzlies will not surprise fans if they get to turnaround the forecasts and predictions and make their win in the end. So, stay tuned on Dec 25 to see a game that will be very promising in terms of basketball game play and in terms of "heat".

These are the NBA games that we should not miss, because they are expected to offer not only a good spectacle but an interesting set of games for betting!