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Upcoming 2023 Basketball Events For Your Calendar

Basketball has some huge events set to take place in 2023. Whether you're a fan of the NBA, British basketball or international basketball, below are some of the biggest events to mark on your calendar and head over to sportsbook Canada to get stuck into.

FIBA Basketball World Cup

The 19th FIBA Basketball World Cup is set to take place in August 2023 and will likely attract the biggest international audience yet.

Much like the football world cup, it takes place once every four years and features 32 teams from across the globe. There are three countries hosting the event - Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. This is the 2nd time in recent years that Japan and the Philippines have hosted the world cup.

As well as competing for the coveted Naismith trophy, the competition also serves as a qualifying event for the Summer Olympics in 2024, with the two top teams from American and Europe qualifying.

The 32 teams that qualify for the world cup will be split into 8 groups. Every team in these groups plays each other once, with the teams that advance going onto play a whittled down group stage that consists of 4 groups. The teams that advance from these groups will then go on to play in the knockout stages of the competition.

The FIBA Basketball World Cup will be held from the 25th August to the 10th September 2023.

NBA All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star Game is a unique spectacle. The exhibition game, held each February, provides an incredible experience for fans and serves as a way to showcase the best players in the league.

A huge part of what makes the All-Star Game unique is that the line-ups for each team are selected by fans, players and the media. Reserves are chosen by NBA coaches and if any players are injured or can't take part, the NBA commissioner selects a replacement.

The All-Star Game has been a fixture of the American basketball calendar ever since 1951, when the first game was played. It was conceived of as a way to bring public attention back to the league after the controversy caused by the college basketball point-shaving scandal that occurred at the time. The game proved to be a huge success from the beginning, bringing in a significantly higher attendance than the season average that year.

Although it's an exhibition game, it's still highly competitive and played under standard NBA rules, although some players will play in different positions than what they're known for. The fan experience is a huge part of the All-Star Game and the mix of front-row Hollywood stars and half-time cheerleaders help to provide the game a lot of glitz

The 2023 NBA All-Star Game is set to be held on the 19th February at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City.

British Basketball Play-Off Finals

Although basketball isn't as big in the UK as some other countries around the world, it does still have a very passionate and dedicated fanbase.

The British Basketball Play-Off Finals are one of the biggest events in UK basketball calendar and sees the two top teams from the both the men’s and women’s British Basketball League competing for the ultimate prize at the end of the season.

The event attracts a lot of attention and many people who aren't usually into basketball will often attend for the spectacle. There is plenty of entertainment in addition to the games themselves, including half time shows and courtside entertainment, so it's a perfect day out for the family.

The British Basketball Play-Off Finals for 2023 will be held on Sunday 14th May at the O2 Arena.

NBA Finals

Played every year since 1947, the NBA finals are always a huge event. The culmination of the regular NBA season, the Finals always draw the biggest crowds and TV audiences, with fans across the world tuning in.

1947 saw the first NBA finals, where the Philadelphia Warriors beat the Chicago Stags and it's been held annually ever since. Unlike many finals that take place in one game, the NBA finals are a series of best of seven games, played between the winners of the Eastern and Western Conference finals.

Recent winners of the NBA finals include the LA Lakers, Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns. The Golden State Warriors have been especially dominant in recent years, winning 6 of the last 10 finals, including 5 in a row from 2015-2019.

The 2023 NBA finals will begin the 1st of June, with the final game set to take place on the 18th June.