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Top Us Colleges with Basketball Teams

Americans generally love to play and watch basketball. The love for the game transcends beyond just professional sports. As such, most colleges have official teams that represent their schools in different college leagues. Read on to understand what college basketball is all about. In this article, you will learn more about the top US colleges with basketball teams.

About US College Basketball
In US college basketball, college and university teams compete against each other. In general, these teams participate in leagues. The NCAA is by far the most popular league, which is composed of three divisions. Another popular league is the NAIA. Students participating in tournaments and conferences are expected to maintain a minimum academic performance. Therefore, a player can concentrate on their sport better when they order write my essay help from a writing service. In addition, this way, they do not have to worry about missing deadlines.

Top Colleges with Teams

Most educational institutions have a basketball team. However, only a handful are considered the best. Below are some of the top college basketball teams in the US.

Duke Blue Devils
Duke University in North Carolina is the home to the Duke Blue Devils. This squad has one of the best track records in the NCAA championship. Also, this team has won the tournament on 5 separate occasions. Due to their success, the Blue Devils are always considered among the favorite to win the championship each year. Since Mike's departure as the coach in 2016, Jon Scheyer has held the position at Duke University. Many players enrol in this university to play sports, so they often need help picking the right major. The most popular courses athletes enrol in include:

  • Biology;
  • Computer science;
  • Psychology;
  • Economics.
    In addition, students are expected to maintain a minimum GPA to remain on the squad. Whether you are an athlete or not, it is beneficial to maintain your fitness level. Doing this is essential to your overall health. To achieve this, you will want to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

    Kansas Jayhawks
    The Kansas Jayhawks are one of the best teams in college b-ball. In particular, James Naismith - Kansas' first coach - is considered by many as the person who made this game. Since he became coach, the Jayhawks have grown to play in Division I of the NCAA. The team also regularly partakes in the yearly conference. Since 2003, Bill Self has been the coach of the Jayhawks. Students who enrol in this college mostly study engineering, pharmacy, business, and journalism.

    Kentucky Wildcats
    Kentucky Wildcats is the official b-ball squad of the University of Kentucky. With its home base in Lexington, Kentucky, this team is considered by many pundits the most successful team in college basketball. In total, the Kentucky Wildcats have won 5 NCAA champions and have appeared in numerous finals. In addition, this team holds several records, which include the best winning percentage of all time;

    A large part of this squad's success is due to the leadership of their coach John Calipari. He has been influential in finding talented players and creating winning strategies.

    Like all colleges, many athletes also have academic obligations. Most players who play for the Kentucky Wildcats enrol in majors in education, business, communication, and engineering.

    Tar Heels
    As the official team of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Tar Heels are famous for winning 7 championships and producing Michael Jordan. At the moment, this squad is managed by Hubert Davis. Most athletes studying in the host college major in communication, business, and marketing.

    Villanova Wildcats
    The Villanova University basketball squad - Villanova Wildcats - is known for winning 3 championships and 27 Philadelphia Big five titles. In addition, this team has had almost 2,000 wins since its creation. Kyle Neptune currently oversees the coaching of the Villanova Wildcats. Most players in the squad major in business, management, and engineering.

    College basketball has many top teams that participate within the country. Some of the best squads include Duke Blue Devils, Kansas Jayhawks, Kentucky Wildcats, Tar Heels, and Villanova Wildcat. Consider applying to these colleges and paving your basketball career early on.

    About the Author
    James Haynes is a college student writer. He is interested in student sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer and likes to write articles relevant to these sports. In addition, James also works as a part-time college scout.