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NBA should make a significant change as more "games'" are becoming a farce
More About the Iconic Game

What could perhaps be a greater highlight of the game, other than the winning margin of 125-83? This is encountered to be the second-highest margin in the history of the NBA. It is ironic from the point of view of the NBA fans, since the coach, Steve Kerr yielded four of the best players, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Andrew Wiggins in the match. The loss is even more painful since a rough estimate of $137 million dollars was paid as a salary to these star players out of the game. Such was the stiff competition given off by the Pelicans, that the Warrior "starter", Jonathan Kuminga killed wasted minutes by making simply "six", out of his "twenty" tries. The spectators were quite dismayed by the performance since both the highly professional, competitive teams spent their time with '85 3-pointers". Captaingambling.com is one website that lists all details about such star-studded games and about bookmaker like SI Sportsbook.

Responses About the Pelican-Warrior Game

The TV producer, Adam Silver, has taken things into his own hand, and now seems to hold the responsibility for what the NBA team owners play over TV, as well as the utilization of the TV money. It is noticed that the Team owners hardly allow healthy players to rest during the game. In general, it is known as the "Kawhi Leonard Rule", and the best example is that of the Clippers star, where he was deliberately given less number of games, which reduces the workload.

Spectators paid off $3500, which is the highest for their best view from a courtside seat, and they did clarify to enjoy Curry's kicks back on the benches. It is quite well proven that NBA sells its players at any position.

More NBA updates this Thanksgiving

Buckle up the seats, as more losses with a great margin stand in the way. On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, as the families unite, they get to witness the Giants down to 28-13, at Dallas. It was indeed a very disheartening match for the NBA fans as they witness the terrible performance of the Giants, where they are seen to run for around four yards right into the middle of the game. They are then seen to walk right back into the huddle as if the true sense of urgency is missing. In an interview, Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen explained very carefully the drawbacks of the game, the lack of planning skills, and the players' responses.


The first thing that completely wearies out the NBA players are the conditions, on which they are being maintained. Though Roger Goodell suggests that he made some "good investments" for the Giant, hardly can it be said that the PSLs kept their "second-string QBs" healthy. MLB is also blamed for having continued the urgency of adding up more teams. Recent jarring events of the NBA also suggest that MLB and Manfred are answerable to the suit against them which was filed by all the celebrity players who were forced into the FTX development. Another huge concern is the huge number of games. There are around 82 regular season NBA games, which is regarded as too many to decide a genuine competition, given that the quality of the matches is a matter of negative discussion.