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Why Does Cannabis Cause Red Eyes?

One of the major tell-tale signs of stoners is when they are high in their eyes. For some people, whether they light up the Wedding Pie strain of any other, their eyes turn a bloodshot red almost immediately after inhaling. The same also applies to people who eat edibles. Alongside feeling high and, at times, sleepy, these are the physical signs of being stoned.

But have you ever wondered why? Some people attribute the redness to the irritation of the smoke. Though this seems relevant, it may not be once you consider that people who take edibles report similar symptoms. So, what causes red eyes?

The Scientific Reason Why Stoners Get Red Eyes

Scientifically these stoner symptoms all start with blood vessels and how the body normally operates. Before diving into the same, it is helpful to consider how weed affects the general body. As you may well know, marijuana has over 100 cannabinoids released into the body once someone ingests the same.

All these cannabinoids interact with the body differently. But we will look at the two main ones, CBD and THC. These two are responsible for many of the weed effects that people report. For instance, THC reacts with CBD1, a cannabinoid receptor in the body's endocannabinoid system. The result of this reaction is the high synonymous with using cannabis.

Some people report a cerebral high, sleepiness, increased focus, and more. With CBD, the effects are inclined towards health benefits. There is combating pain, induced sleep, relaxation, and more. Which of the two is associated with the eyes?

In dealing with showcasing red eyes, we have to go deeper into marijuana's effect on the body. Before a user experiences high and increased creativity, the weed has to be taken into the body. And this does not mean ingesting. Once you inhale your product or eat the edibles, a process transmits the cannabinoids into your system.

Smoking is more immediate as edibles take time to be digested. The main point is that at one time of your cannabis use, the cannabinoids will get into your blood vessels and the entire system. When they reach the blood vessels, they loosen their elasticity and decrease your body's blood pressure.

The reduction in blood pressure is why some people feel sleepy. On the other hand, the eye has blood vessels that transport blood to and from the same. What happens is that with low blood pressure and non-constricted vessels, more blood flows to the ocular region. The result is that the blood vessels around the eyes have more blood than they normally do, thus the red eyes. The non-constricted vessels are also the reason for a dilated pupil.

It is not the smoke that irritates the eyes but the accumulated blood at unforeseen levels. Once the weed wears off, the blood vessels constrict blood flow, resulting in normal eye color.

Why Don't Some People get Red Eyes?

It may come as a shocker for some, but not everyone gets red eyes. Some stoners can use highly potent weed and still have clear white eyes. The common myth is that they do not use that much weed in one sitting or that their strains are not strong enough.

But this is wrong. Some people have different metabolism systems, differentiating how compounds are broken down in their bodies. Since each individual is unique, there is a high chance of a scientific reason for this occurrence.

Can Cannabis Cause an Overdose?

While battling red eyes and paranoia, you may wonder if you could suffer a weed overdose. Yes, a weed overdose is probable, and it may not be fatal but will result in a terrible hangover. First, the key question is, are cannabis hangovers even a thing? Though they are not as strong as their alcohol counterparts, marijuana hangovers are a thing.

Their symptoms include headaches, fatigue, confusion, and short-term memory. Some users report feeling tired and overwhelmed the next day after using too much weed. The highness level that induces a hangover varies from person to person.

The person's tolerance levels are important when considering weed overdoses and hangovers. People with high tolerance levels are less likely to be hungover if they take smaller amounts. But if they use too much marijuana, they will have various symptoms. Weed hangovers and overdoses can be overcome by simply keeping oneself hydrated and waiting for the fatigue out.

How to Beat Weed's Red Eyes

Some occasions demand clear white eyes, which may be problematic for red-eyed stoners. Every once in a while, you may want to make your eyes white regardless of height. These are some of the things you can do;

Use Eye Drops

Luckily, there are more than enough eye drop brands whose main goal is to battle red eyes. They have special formulations that turn the red into white almost immediately. These are best when you have to beat the symptom in a short time.

Drink A lot of Fluids

The other option is slower but healthier. All you have to do is take a lot of liquids to keep you hydrated. With times this reduces the cannabis compounds in your blood, resulting in normal eyes.


Stoners are well aware of the range of symptoms they show off after getting high. Increased goofiness, reduced focus, red eyes, and more are just the common ones. Red eyes are one of the indicators that sell stoners out. There exist myths and misconceptions that claim the symptom is due to smoke irritation. But this is not the case. The redness results from increased blood flow to the eyes and a reduction in blood pressure. Both are expected outcomes of the interaction of cannabis and the body's systems.