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Quarter season awards

We are about a quarter of the way through the NBA season. There has been the usual stuff, like the Bucks being good, but also surprises such as the Jazz and Blazers not being absolutely terrible. What has happend so far will not have much of an impact on the end of the season; still it is fun to take a lookback and give out some awards.

MVP: Jason Tatum
The Celtics forward has been blazing thus far, and has the Celtics with the best record in the NBA. Tatum is averaging over 30 points a game and has been the most dominate player in the NBA thus far.

DPOTY: Brook Lopez
Yeah, this would be a shock to me too at the begining of the season. But Lopez is quietly anchoring the best defense in the NBA. Lopez has come a long way from just an average big to an all-star, to a shooter who can play defense.

MIP: Lauir Markkanen
The Jazz forward has come out of nowhere and made the Jazz good. The Jazz were suppose to be really bad after trading almost their entire starting lineup. Markkanen is averaging over 22 points a game and may be a first time all-star.

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COTY:Michael Malone
The Nuggets started the season out rough, but some of that was due to adding Jamal Murray and Michael Porter back into their lineup. But, Malone has the Nuggets playing their best basketball in years. Dealing with the injuries and constant roster fluxuations is what has put Malone over the top.

6th man: Jordan Poole
With Klay Thompson being back, Poole has had to take a back seat, but the young guard has been playing great off the bench and is a key reason why the Warriors are once again rolling after a difficult start.

ROTY: Paola Banchero
The #1 pick has lived up to his billing. Though he has been injured, the Magic rookie is averaging 23 points a game and has been electric. He has given the Magic some real hope for their future, the first in a long time.