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The Price to Watch NBA Games in Europe

The National Basketball Association has launched its app with a cost that many cannot still believe. From the 22/23 season onwards, watching all 1,230 NBA regular season games, plus the playoffs, will cost 100 Euros. Moreover, you can enjoy Luka Doncic's warming up, or relive, wherever and whenever you want, Pau Gasol's rings. The total experience that all fans would like to have.

As sports consumption patterns change, particularly for younger people, the North American basketball league is moving by offering its latest "OTT" service.

This attraction is evident on social media as well. The NBA's profiles registered a 60% increase in engagement, the engagement of consumers with its brand. Meanwhile, its European accounts increased by 79% and had around 72% additional video streams.

Vertical videos

Therefore, the National Basketball Association has introduced this way of consuming the League to its application by implementing the format of vertical videos to watch the plays of the games in a more dynamic way. In addition, this application is enabled for TVs. The NBA digital app, developed in partnership with Microsoft and Turner Sports, will be available for free download and provide NBA fans with a variety of video content, which includes day-by-day videos of the groups and the ability to relive NBA history and the Championship Finals from the year 2000.

A further important point will be the unique "Gameday Experience," allowing fans to watch live pre- and post-match press conferences digitally for the first time.

The price is 100 Euros annually. And the improved pack called "premium" to watch NBA on more than one device simultaneously is 130 Euros.

Eight European cities

That's how much it is to watch the 1.230 matches, the Playoffs, All-Star Weekend, and the mentioned content, plus a docu-series that will look at the love history of baskets in 8 different cities in Europe: Seville, Istanbul, Belgrade, Bologna, Thessaloniki, Leverkusen, Kaunas, and Paris.

A reduction in prices that arrives just after the NBA League Pass, as the competition's app is called, raised its subscribers by around 23% last year in the old continent, the most significant league region in the world outside of the United States of America. The main reasons for this? The comeback to normality after the pandemic of the coronavirus and the growth of stars from the European continent in the last few years like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, and Nikola Jokic.

In addition to its promotion policy in the European market, the American basketball league has scheduled 56 "NBA Saturdays" and "NBA Sundays" games for this season, i.e., prime-time games in Europe on weekends.

The National Basket Association will start its 76th regular season after taking a further venture into a new market. It recently sold out both games in Abu Dhabi. The Bucks and the Hawks are the main attraction.

As the League explained to EFE, basketball is one of the most followed sports in the United Arab Emirates, and the NBA has been broadcasted in the country for over 35 years. That's why the competition run by Adam Silver played the first match in the Middle East. According to some data, there are an estimated 3.2 million NBA fans in the United Arab Emirates. That is why some sectors of the basketball world have decided to increase their presence in the country.

The best betting sites will allow all citizens to bet on this American sport. Interested bettors in Arab countries can securely do this using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), thus maintaining the user's privacy. Also, basketball fans will never miss a slam dunk or a three-pointer, as they can watch live scores so they can modify or place their bets. In addition, you can qualify for great bonuses to boost your winnings on your favorite team's bets.

Basketball continues to grow, although, for the moment, it is still lagging behind some popular sports, such as football. We will see if the price of the NBA platform remains the same or if it is increased, as has happened with other sports streaming platforms such as DAZN in the last few years.