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The Most Notable Clutch Players in NBA History

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Fans of the sport number in the billions, and the sport is watched and played regularly by an audience of hundreds of millions around the world. It sees huge play in both professional and amateur circuits, it is played internationally, with the FIBA World Cup being one of the biggest events in the world of sports, and it sees huge revenue from the betting scene.

In fact, basketball is among the most popular betting sports in the world. In America, Europe, and Africa it is among the top three most popular sports among punters, and it doesn't fall too much behind in the rest of the world. The Olympics Basketball Game, the NBA Final, and the FIBA World Cup are some of the most bet on events in sports, and tested by this site basketball is among the most popular sports on their website.

One of the most exciting, and most frustrating parts of basketball betting is the, so-called, clutch. A clutch, basically, refers to the ability of certain players to perform so well under pressure, or in a difficult situation, that they completely change the outcome of the game. Many players have been called clutch players, and in this article, we are going to look at a few of the best ones, and discuss what made them great.

Michael Jordan

It is impossible to talk about best players in any respect without mentioning Michael Jordan. Often called the greatest basketball player of all time, Jordan certainly earns the title, with numerous awards, including three NBA Finals MVP awards. Him, and the Chicago Bulls are often accredited with popularizing the NBA with an international audience.

During his career, Jordan has scored a number of buzzer beaters, seven of which made the difference between a win and a loss during the playoff series. His defense game is just as great; as the number of times he has pulled off a defensive stop (or a tactical foul) during a game is hard to keep track of.

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most popular, highly-appreciated, and highly-esteemed players in the NBA. Famed for his massive stature and insane power, O’Neal was a force to be reckoned with. His drop step (which he nicknamed Black Tornado), has made him one of the most renowned players in the history of basketball.

While his weakness lay in free throws, no one can deny that Shaquille O'Neal was a great player, especially performing well under pressure, and often making a difference between a win and a loss. He is one of five NBA players to win the NBA Finals MVP award on three different occasions.

Larry Bird

If there was such a thing as a "clutch player", Larry Bird would certainly be it. Bird holds the record for most consecutive buzzer beaters in a season, he has pulled off four buzzer-beaters which completely changed the course of the game, and overall has scored 45 points at the buzzer. One of the 5 who has won the NBA Finals MVP award three times, Bird is the only one to win it thrice in a row.