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Famous NBA Players Using CBD Products

CBD is loved for its varied health benefits, including its calming priorities and ability to provide fast and effective pain relief.

Therefore, it is no secret that CBD is an excellent natural recovery tool and has been attracting a great deal of attention among athletes. In particular, CBD for NBA stars is a topic of enormous interest and debate.

Products like this 25mg delta-8 gummy and CBD topicals are designed with athletes in mind to help with recovery, giving sporting enthusiasts the chance to perform to their full potential.

A number of NBA stars have gone public about their use of such CBD products and how they have helped them both as an athlete and on a personal level. Who are the famous NBA players taking CBD, and why do they use it?

Jamal Mashburn
Jamal Mashburn established himself as a basketball player while studying at the University of Kentucky. While at university, Mashburn made a name for himself as a prolific scorer and went on to play for the All-Rookie team in 1993-1994 and for the All-NBA team in the 2003-2004 season.

Mashburn became known among fans as the "Monster Mash" for averaging a minimum of 20 points per game for most of his professional career. After over a decade of success, Mashburn moved away from the NBA instead of turning his interest toward corporate America and brand deals.

Since his years in the NBA, Mashburn has worked with brands such as Papa Jonh's, Lexus, and Toyota. More recently, he has shifted his focus to the CBD industry, believing that CBD will soon become a major player in professional sports and that it has a considerable number of benefits to offer to athletes.

Mashburn has become a spokesperson for CBD and talks openly about why he thinks it should be made more accessible to athletes. Through campaigns and spreading awareness, Mashburn aims to change the rules of professional sports so that players can openly and confidently use CBD as part of their training.

Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce, known as "The Truth" by Boston Celtics fans, has been a prominent NBA player for almost two decades. Pierce has spent fifteen out of nineteen years as a professional playing for the Boston Celtics and has risen to fame for averaging 22 points per game during this time.

Pierce has always been open about his use of CBD and how it has helped him over his career. In particular, he talks about how CBD helped him through a traumatic nightclub attack where he was stabbed eleven times.

CBD vape products were a huge part of the recovery process and led to Pierce becoming an advocate for CBD. Pierce speaks openly about why he believes CBD should be allowed within the NBA and how it has helped him.

As part of his campaign to educate people about CBD and break down its many misconceptions, he has launched his own CBD vape pen brand. Pierce hopes that creating a range of CBD products that focus solely on the health benefits of cannabinoids will help to change the way people see CBD and cannabis in general.

Al Harrington
Al Harrington has spent sixteen years playing at a professional level. During this time, Harrington has managed to work his way through seven different teams, giving him the nickname "The Journeyman".

Harrington has followed a less than conventional path to stardom. Rather than rising up through college basketball ranks, Harrington was the first to ever go straight from high school sports to the NBA.

After a successful career in the NBA, Harrington retired only to quickly become a member of the Big 3 basketball organization, signally a new chapter in his career. To this day, Harrington has managed to keep his position as having the top 10 number in the league.

Harrington has also become a massive name in the “CBD for Athletes” advocacy campaign. Harrington first became interested in CBD after suffering from complications following knee surgery.

As well as working as an advocate for CBD, Harrington has launched his own CBD company focusing on products for athletes.

Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom was a successful NBA player for two decades, including winning the Sixth Man of the Year award for the 2010-2011 season. However, since retiring from the NBA, Odom has not managed to achieve the same level of success.

In recent years, Odom has been the center of media attention more for his personal life than for his basketball skill. In 2015 Odom was found to have overdosed while in Nevada, leading to him taking part in a high-profile rehab and drug dependency program.

Luckily, Odom's sorry has taken a much more positive turn since 2015, and he claims that a big part of that has been thanks to CBD. After launching his own CBD brand in 2018, Odom has been very public about how CBD helped him and what he thinks it has to offer others in a similar position.