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The Most Consistent Players Currently in the NBA

Source: Pixabay

Consistency can often be overlooked in sports. Some of the greatest in their field often have long periods of drought or can find themselves plagued with injury. Yet it is the great moments that always get remembered, and when they are over the rest of their team can remain to shoulder the burden of their wavering form.

While these players are essential, more valuable to a team is consistency. The players who turn out every week and do the same, world-class job are essential. Below, we give our pick of the most consistent players in the NBA.

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins has proven his worth over the last few seasons. Playing for the Golden State Warriors, he has managed to move from being a stand-in to an integral part of the team. As an example, last season he managed to defend 1017 shots. He has drive, but crucially, reliability, which is essential for the foundation of any successful team.

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, he began his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers but then switched to the Minnesota Timberwolves as part of a trade. Toward the end of his time there his form stagnated a little, but a switch to the Warriors has seen him come back to life. Any hometown residents who want to lay a bet in the coming season can use this information about sports betting in Ontario to back their hometown boy. The Golden State Warriors are amongst the favorites to go all the way again this year, up there with the Celtics and Bucks. Of course, with Wiggin's defensive record you may wish to try an over/under bet on the individual games themselves.

LeBron James

Source: Pixabay

LeBron James is not only one of the most consistent players, but he is one of the best players ever. His list of accolades is huge, racking up four winning NBA championships, four MVP awards, four finals MVP awards, and even some Olympic gold medals.

Born in Akron, Ohio, he started his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers as part of the 2003 draft. However, as he grew in ability and reputation, failing to win a championship with them meant he moved to the Miami Heat. He would later return to the Cavaliers to experience even more success.

By 2018 he had signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he still plays today. Despite recording in excess of 10,000 assists, 10,000 rebounds, and 37,000 points in his career so far, James has not let up. Still a formidable force, he is a legendary player who has a rare quality in that he always delivers.

Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic is a center position player currently with the Denver Nuggets. Growing up in Serbia, he gained attention while playing in the Adriatic League before being brought to his current outfit in the 2014 NBA draft. A model of consistency with a keen eye for a pass, Jokic seems to just keep getting better and better.

His accolades include winning the NBA MVP award for two consecutive years, in the 20-21 and 21-22 seasons. He is also a four-time NBA All-Star and part of his national squad, along with being an Olympic medalist. With bags of experience, he only shows signs of continuing the streak next season.