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The key dates for the upcoming NBA season 22-23

Nowadays, we live in a world where more and more people are becoming interested and involved in the realm of sports. For many sports fans, the NBA season is one of the most exciting sporting related events that can occur. In simple terms, the NBA season is a big cycle associated with the game of basketball and it starts and ends at the same place. The season is said to start in October sometime and then the season is said to truly be in action.

The popularity of NBA games

Indeed, there are now more people than ever tuning into the NBA games above any other type of sport. In fact, the 2022 NBA Finals brought big numbers back to primetime, capturing 13.99 million viewers for Game 6. With basketball being one of the most popular sports in the world, and now with more convenient methods than ever to watch it, it is no surprise then that these figures are going up. Many people are actually beginning to prefer basketball even to football. This is largely because a football match can be quite lengthy and can last around 3 hours, whereas basketball games only last for around 2 hours.

In today's society we are always focused on being productive and therefore it can be difficult to set aside time to watch a match. The fact that basketball requires less watching time has resulted in a spike in the amount of people attending games with tickets becoming more in demand.

These figures have also been impacted in a large way by the popularity of sports betting. More and more fans of basketball are now placing bets on NBA games which has hyped the popularity of them. Kansas state are one of many who have legalised online sports betting and the use of betting apps, residents of the state can view website to see which sportsbooks are available on mobile apps and where they can place a bet on not only basketball but any other sport of their choice.

Although sports betting would be around for hundreds of years, it has really gained attention in the past few decades. This is because betting on your favourite teams has been facilitated by virtual platforms. This means that you will be able to bet from your mobile device whilst you are watching the fun. The fame that some players has acquired through basketball is another reason for the sport’s popularity, with some stars like LeBron James and Michael Jordan gauging a huge throng of people who are beginning to take an interest in the sport. Another great factor which intrigues many to online sporting sites is the fact that they provide bettors the opportunity to claim lucrative bonuses and prizes. Not only do online sports books provide better odds, but these bonuses are usually granted when you register with an online operator, and you cannot claim them in person.

Key Dates of the NBA season

Prior to the upcoming NBA season, it is important to keep an eye out for the key dates. The 2022–23 NBA season is the upcoming 77th season of the National Basketball Association (NBA), with the regular season rumored to be starting on October 18, 2022 and finishing in April 2023. This season will be returning back to a pre-covid schedule of an October-April season.

The dates for training camp are yet to be confirmed, but training camp typically starts mid-to-late September, with the regular season beginning a few weeks after that in October.

The 2023 NBA All-Star Game is set to be played on February 19, 2023, at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City.

On June 30th, teams may began negotiating with free agents (beginning at 6 p.m. ET). However the signing of free agents to contracts could not start until July 6 (12:01 p.m. ET). This was followed by the California Classic Summer League which took place on July 2nd-3rd. The event saw the 4 teams go head-to-head, the Lakers, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors and the Kings. The Kings were the team to win all 3 matches with the Lakers winning 2 games, the Heat winning 1 game and sadly Warriors walking away defeated.

After this the Salt Lake City Summer League took place on July 5-7th. This league consisted of Grizzlies, Thunder, 76ers and Jazz go head-to-head in matches. None of the teams walked away undefeated with Grizzlies, 76ers and City Thunder taking away 2 wins each, whilst Utah Jazz was unsuccessful.

On July 7-17 you should keep an eye out for the NBA 2K23 Summer League with Las Vegas and all 30 teams.

Between August 16-20, the NBA schedule is set to be released, where we get to see which teams will go head-to-head in the opening matches.

Remember that with so many events in the NBA season taking place over several months, it is wise that you keep up to date with them. If you miss one or a few of these events there are plenty of sites and guides that you can follow to keep up to speed with them. Being informed about the events and how each team is performing will be beneficial to you if you are considering betting during the season.

In conclusion, for many reasons NBA becoming the most popular league in basketball. This is largely because of the growth of the betting industry in America. Whilst sports betting allows bettors to wager on every type of sport, people are certainly shifting their loyalties to betting on basketball. You can bet on anything from who will win the competition to specific players and even the exact score.

In the future, it is likely that the popularity of the NBA will continue to grow. If fans and supporters will continue to support the NBA by attending the events, betting on the events and taking part in the camaraderie, the reputation of the NBA will continue to evolve even more.