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Keegan Murray Disappointing So Far For The Kings?

Making the transition from college basketball to the NBA is not for everybody. Young players need to bulk up and get their bodies ready for a full 82-game season, get used to all the traveling, and start actually playing basketball for a living. Some never manage to make that transition.

Thats why some fans and even analysts are so quick to label players as busts or failures. It hasn't even been a third of the 2022 NBA season, and some are already ruling out some guys and stating they'll never live up to the hype.

That is the case with some and Keegan Murray, who was already being hyped as the current best Iowa NBA player (you can click here to find who is currently part of the all-time list).

The former fourth-overall pick has had his ups and downs through his first games in the league. And given the Sacramento Kings long track record of bad first-round picks, it's not surprising to see the fans doubting him already. However, that could be a huge mistake.

He's Going Through A Rough Patch

For starters, it seems like there's some tough stuff going on off the court for him. His grandmother literally suffered a stroke during one of his games, which has obviously taken a toll on him:

"I will answer that. He is learning, but yes, we are dealing with a very serious family issue. My mother had a stroke while attending his game in Charlotte. We keep him updated, so he knows what’s going on. He will be fine. He has a strong family and team around him." Murrays father tweeted.

Murray was averaging nearly 19 points per game prior to the incident, so it's not like his shot hasn’t fallen at the NBA level. Maybe, all he needs is some time off to clear out his head. He's just human at the end of the day.

His Coach Believes In Him

Also, coach Mike Brown fully supports Murray, and thats always good. He knows he can make an impact, regardless of is he's starting or coming off the bench, and that there will be some growing pains for all rookies:

"Keegan, again, to me, he can play with the starters, or he can play with the second unit," Brown said. "He is going to be good either way. He has just got a great feel and a great demeanor for a young guy."

"He is a rookie and you know the ups and downs are going to come for him," Brown said. "You don't know when they're going to come. They may last two games or they may last 10 games, but at the end of the day, we're going to stay with him. He's our guy."

Murray Has A Solid Skill Set
Most scouts considered Murray to be the most complete offensive player in his class. He can shoot lights out and be a 50/40/90 kind of player, given enough time to thrive and enough touches to develop.

So, even though some could believe he's been a bit of a bust through the first handful of games, it's just too early to count him out. He can get hot in the blink of an eye and be one of the most efficient, consistent scorers in the Association.

Kings Are Better Than Expected
It's been a while since the Kings made the playoffs, but they're trying to put together a young, competitive team. They're 6-6 for the season, but have been much better than what you’d say from that record. They're pushing off the pace, and moving Domantas Sabonis to the five has paid off.

Keegan Murray's imminent breakout will only help this team going forward, it's just a matter of time. Nonetheless, it’s hard to blame the fans for having some doubts after watching the Kings struggle for so long.