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JaMychal Green Ready to Do the Dirty Work for Warriors Repeat Ambition

There are some top-tier sportspeople whose efforts rarely make it onto the highlights reel.

But that's not to say they don't perform a stellar job for their team, and it's that mindset that saw the Golden State Warriors trade in the low-key JaMychal Green in the offseason.

The 32-year-old can best be described as a "spoiler" - his offensive skills are not the kind that adorn viral videos on social media, but his defensive ability in reading the play and breaking up opposition patterns is exactly what persuaded Steve Kerr to pick up the phone and interrupt Green's vacation in Jamaica.

The power forward was happy enough at the Denver Nuggets, but he didn't play a huge amount of minutes in 2021-22 and served up some of the worst shooting numbers of his career – exacerbated by a wrist injury that Green managed to keep a low profile on.

But this is a player who has always been more of an asset in his own half of the court anyway, and the "dog" mentality is what Kerr believes can strengthen the Warriors ahead of their tilt at the 2022-23 championship.

And so the nine-time NBA champion - four of which have come during an outstanding coaching career - managed to track down Green's number. The 32-year-old was relaxing in a plunge pool at the time, but this was one call he wasn't going to let go through to voicemail.

"After talking to him, I couldn't tell him no," Green said. "The organization and what they built over here, I'd love to be a part of it."

He managed to buy his way out of a new deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and linked up with his Warriors teammates for the first time on August 1.

At the peak of his powers – probably in his Grizzlies days between 2015 and 2018, Green was a solid enough offensive contributor. But it’s his defensive work that will be most valuable to the Warriors, and his disrupting of opponents with blocks and steals will enable his arguably more talented colleagues to thrive.

California Waiting

Once again, Golden State are expected to be right in the thick of things in the Western Conference and in the battle for the NBA Championship.

But, as was the case in 2021-22, it's the Boston Celtics who have most caught the eye of the sportsbooks in their NBA betting Canada, with Jayson Tatum's crew a best price of +600. The Warriors are next best at +700, with the LA Clippers priced at +750 and the Milwaukee Bucks at +800.

Those odds presume that the Bucks and the Clippers will improve on last season's efforts, while the Warriors and the Celtics will simply hit the same heights as they did last term. But which of those is the most likely?

The Celtics are arguably stronger in the east with Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari new in town, while the Bucks may improve if Khris Middleton can stay fit and injury-free.

And it's hard to see past the Warriors in the west - Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, and now JaMychal Green. It's a roster of strength and depth, and the addition of the latter could be the final piece in the jigsaw for a Golden State repeat in 2022-23.