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How to Become a College Basketball Player?: Main Criteria

Basketball is a fun game to play that people worldwide enjoy. Therefore, many teenagers who play basketball today dream of going pro one day. While this sphere can be competitive, it's totally possible. Most basketball players are first scouted while in college, so if you ever want to become a professional basketball player, you must start at the college level. Getting into a college basketball team isn't that easy, but by the end of this article, you will know the 4 main criteria college coaches consider when selecting basketball players.

Becoming a College Basketball Player
If you're going to impress any basketball coach and increase your chances of being selected for the college team, these 4 criteria need to be met:

  • Love for the game
  • Excellent grades
  • Good work ethic
  • Proper coordination

    1. Love for the game
    Doing something you love will encourage you to keep pushing even when you don't feel like it. If you only play basketball because you are trying to live up to someones expectations, your performance on the court won't be to your full potential. Also, coaches can tell when a player isn't putting their 100% into a game. Making the college basketball team can be very competitive, so you must love the game to put in your best effort.

    2. Excellent grades
    College is primarily for learning, so your grades must be good if you want to be a college basketball player. Even the National Collegiate Athletic Association has minimum GPA requirements players must meet if they are to play college basketball. Also, getting good grades increases your opportunities to succeed through scholarships to Ivy League schools. So it's a win-win situation. It won't be easy at first to combine sports and academics, but it's possible as long as you stick to a schedule.

    3. Good work ethic
    You don't get to be a college basketball player by being lazy. You must work hard to be in top physical shape, even if you are very talented. In addition, you can't be overweight, so regularly hitting the gym will be required. One pro piece of advice when exercising is to see it as a way of improving your health, rather than something you just have to do for a short time. With this mentality, you will find it much easier to continue working on yourself even when no one is watching.

    4. Proper coordination
    If you have watched any game of basketball, then you will be aware that players often have to move the ball without looking at it. If you get distracted trying to control the ball, you can quickly get it taken off you. Aside from dribbling well, you also need to be able to pass it too. You don't develop these skills overnight, but they should be worked on constantly, even when you make your college basketball team.

    One way to do this is by creating time for it. After class is usually the time most students spend practicing. But, of course, essay assignments and homework might get in the way occasionally. Still, you can always hire talented academic essays writers online that can deliver a paper in as little as 6 hours. This way, you will boost your grades and still have plenty of time for practice.

    In Conclusion
    Playing college basketball is a great way to socialize, have fun, exercise, and start your journey towards becoming a professional. As most NBA players are scouted while in college, most young players today know this and make sure to put their best efforts into getting into their college team. However, if you have passion, coordination, work ethic, and good grades, you already have the qualities to become a college basketball player.

    Author's Bio
    Michael Carr is a freelance writer and fitness coach. One of the main sports he likes to play is basketball. Its a fun game involving much more than shooting into hoops. Having played for his high school basketball team, Michael has some experience playing competitively. While he might not be in the NBA these days, Michael has chosen to dedicate his time to providing helping content for students looking to take their basketball careers to the highest levels.