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NBA Players Drafted From High School

Despite the fact that the NBA no longer drafts players from high school upon an agreement made during 2005, learning about NBA players drafted from high school is a great way to gain a greater idea about which team has the best odds to win the NBA championship.

If you're thinking about placing a bet, you can learn more about moneyline odds, point spreads and lines by checking out our NBA insights area here. But, for now, let's read on and discover some of the top NBA players that were drafted from high school! Will your favorite player be on this list? Just keep on reading to find out. NBA Players Drafted From High School

Josh Smith
If you're already a big fan of NBA basketball, then we're sure that you'll be well familiar with this guy! Josh Smith is a super talented player that is known to be able to score in a multitude of ways (including airborne) as well as defend, dominate the floor and even drop an impressive rebound, too.

Smith was initially drafted back in 2004 by the Hawks team as a youngster, and quickly built up a reputation for being a great aerial attacker with a natural talent for shot blocking. Fast forward to the present day, and Josh Smith has gone on to establish himself as an all-star candidate, and is still one of the most sought-after players in the league nearly 20 years on.

Dwight Howard
Next up, we have none other than Dwight Howard. At the time of his first draft back in 2004, Dwight Howard was a standout for his physique well-developed for basketball - so it should come as no surprise that he was scooped up by one of the leading teams in the league, Orlando Magic!

Since his first draft, Dwight Howard has gone on to become a player with many accolades and achievements under his belt, including being a three-time winner of the title Defensive Player of the Year, a perennial All-NBA first teamer as well as a six-time All-Star! Impressive or what?

LeBron James
What would this list be without LeBron James? Perhaps one of the most famous players to come out of the NBA, and arguably the best player in the league right now, LeBron James boasted so much talent as a high school basketball star that he managed his very own multi-million dollar shoe deal before his very first professional game!

Ever since his big start in the world of basketball as a professional NBA basketball player, LeBron has gone on to become one of the most decorated basketball players of all time - and currently holds the record of being an eight time All-Star and two-time MVP as well as the reputation of being one of the most naturally gifted players of all time.

Moses Malone
Moving on, another name that you might be familiar with is Moses Malone - who is one of the most notorious NBA players that was drafted right out of high school. We're sure you'll already know all about Malone's beginning, but if you're in need of a memory refresh - Moses Malone jumped onto the NBA scene in 1974 when he was drafted at the young age of just 19 into the ABA.

Soon after, he was then scooped up initially by the Buffalo Braves, before being let go to the Houston Rockets where he really stepped into his game. Ever since then, Moses Malone has gone on to become one of the most celebrated and respected rebounders in the whole of the NBA league, and is also recognized for his natural ability to play on the offensive, particularly in the low blocks.

To this very day, Malone holds the record as being the only player in the NBA league to win two back-to-back MVPs across two different teams.

Kobe Bryant
Of course, we simply had to end this list with none other than the late NBA legend: Kobe Bryant. At the time of his draft into the NBA, Kobe Bryant held the record of being the second high schooler that was drafted directly into the NBA straight from being a high school basketball player.

Kobe Bryant was selected by the Charlotte Hornets, before he was then traded to the Lakers team in exchange for Vlade Divac. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Kobe wowed audiences with his natural showmanship and talent for the game.

Before long, his talent for basketball was on full display as he became a 20-point scorer and All-Defensive team member, during which he partnered with Shaq to become one of the most impressive offensive duos the sport has ever seen. Arguably the best basketball player of all time, Kobe is an 18 All-star player and the leading scorer in Lakers history - and Basketball fans all around the world continue to keep his legacy alive.

Final Thoughts
Even though the NBA does no longer draft from high school after the collective agreement made between the NBA and the NBFA in 2005 - we hope that you have found this list informative and interesting. Did you spot any of your favorite players? Thanks for reading, and bye for now.