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Woke' former NBA champ says Suns' gorilla mascot is racist

There is a huge discontent in the NBA fandom in recent days. Internet sources and new updates of this NBA peak season reveal that a former NBA champ went ahead to accuse the Suns Gorilla mascot as racist. Fans, after following the activities of the mascot started posting tweets about his behavioral patterns of him. The trending tweet reveals a picture where the mascot is taking a selfie with a white kid.

Among other News published on thegruelingtruth.com, some discussions revealed that the mascot’s behavior has proved quite detrimental to the team. And further reports suggest that the Phoenix Suns owner, Robert Sarvar got suspended, and ended up selling his entire team. Strong evidence was found against him pounding racist slurs at his teammates. One of the leading NBA Champions, Lamar Odom feels that his racism is quite overt, and has been so for quite a few years.

What does Lamar Odom have to say about this?
Lamar Odom, who happens to be the former Los Angels Laker, identifying himself as a "woke, young, Black man in America goes on to blatantly suggest that the Suns" mascot, the cheerful gorilla has racial connotations. He pointed out quite a few pieces of evidence on the "Bootleg Kev Podcast" that the racial undercurrent has been prevailing in the activities of the Suns Gorilla mascot, but it is indeed ironic and quite humorous at the same time, that the team had been shrugging the events off for many years. Calling out the entire team as a whole, he made a humorous comment about the unavailability of "gorillas in the deserts", and the possibility and prevalence of cactuses. Odom also feels that the fans are equally responsible for being supportive of such behaviour. The team could keep the same mascot for years since "the fans loved it."

Odom's Take on Other Teams
Besides the Suns, Odom also spoke about some of the other teams such as Arizona. He feels very content about the fact that the team acknowledged Martin Luther King Day as a day of prime importance and a federal holiday. This event is marked as one of the important events since it did not take place until 1992. Odoms woke attitude in the Basketball circle is the talk of the town since he proclaims to look into things quite differently.

What does Chris Paul Have to Say About the Suns Gorilla Mascot?

The NBA fandom is well aware of the fact that Chris Paul has always been critical of Sarvar. Not only does he feel "horrified about the current events, but he has also been "disappointed on reading the news." He also pointed out the Mascots misbehaviour towards women. The team and its owner are obliged to be guilty of tolerating and giving in to the airs of such misbehaviour. Although the Mascot is very experienced and has been s serving the team since the 1980s, it is high time that the team takes responsibility for their own conduct.

Concluding Thoughts

In today's era, the era of the internet allows news to be served at everyone's fingertip. People are getting more sensitized about moral conduct and decorum. Teens and woke youngsters have started debating about almost all the activities of the Suns. Furthermore, the current scenario also stands as an eye-opener for the other teams as well.