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NBA Friday Night Preview - Bulls vs Celtics - Nov 4th

The NBA season is now in full swing, and we have already had some incredible matchups, memorable performances, and surprise outcomes. Who would have thought that Portland and Utah would be near the top of the Western Conference, while teams like Heat, 76ers, and Nuggets would still be struggling?

It's becoming quite difficult to predict patterns and winners, with such a seemingly volatile league and underdogs regularly outperforming the big hitters. This is making it tricky for those who enjoy sports betting - what would normally be sure bets are turning out to be potential money pits! Factors like the best odds for NBA games today can help, as can looking at upcoming matchups in advance.

In this article, we'll look specifically at the Celtics vs the Bulls andtheir second meeting of the season on the 4th of November. With one game already settled between these two Eastern Conference contenders, it looks to be another fantastic battle. So, who do we think will win and what can we expect?

A Recap of Their First Meeting - the Bulls Win Comfortably

The first game between these two teams was played on the 24th of October and saw the Bulls blowing the Celtics out by 120-102. No one really expected this result, and it usually would have been a much closer battle, with most people picking the Celtics as the favorites.

Indeed, going into the game, Boston had a perfect 3-0 record, while the Bulls were looking subpar with a 1-2 start. The game saw solid performances from the Bulls main trio of DeRozan, LaVine, and Vucevic, and the big man also had a ridiculous 23 rebounds. Other players made a valid contribution too, including Ayo who scored 22 in 34 minutes, and Alex Caruso made his usual excellent defensive effort.

For the Celtics, their two main scorers did OK but could have perhaps contributed more. Tatum scored while Brown got 21. A big difference was that the Celtics acting head coach was ejected after two technicals, as was Grant Williams for spurious contact with a referee. It should be noted that the Celtics were already down at this point, by a decent margin, but these two ejections will not have helped.

Ultimately, the Celtics defensive efforts were not enough to stop LaVine and DeRozan, and outside of Brown and Tatum, Boston did not have a huge offensive contribution.

Celtics Stars Need to Step Up to Even the Series

After an exciting first matchup full of high-energy events and some great play, we are excited to see the next game. Firstly, the Celtics coach and players need to keep their cool and avoid doing anything to upset the overly sensitive NBA refs! Two ejections in one game isn't something they can repeat.

However, that was a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. Brown and Tatum both need to have 20+ point performances again, and that is almost a given these days. However, it is the rest of the starting lineup and bench players who also need to make a larger contribution. The Celtics can't solely rely on the offensive output of Tatum and Brownplayers like Horford, Brogdon, and DPOY Smart really need to be scoring 15+ while still maintaining their defensive effort.

From the Bulls, we can expect much of the sameexcellent offense from DeRozan and LaVine, while players like Caruso, Williams, Dosunmu, and Green continue to apply defensive pressure. Vucevic should also be stepping up in this matchup, and if he can have another near 2020 performance, the Bulls will be difficult to stop.

This is certainly going to be another entertaining matchup, and we are excited to see how the drama unfolds. Another point to consider is that the prior game was Zach LaVine's first match of the 202223 season. By the 4th of November, he should hopefully be back in full form, and we can expect him to make even more of an impact on the Bulls roster than he did in his season debut against the Celtics.

We expect the Celtics to come out fighting and be looking to even the series against the Bulls. Tatum and Brown need to be consistent, and they should still get 20+ each. However, it's the roll players and other starters of the Celtics who need to step up and make an impact. Players like White, Williams, Pritchard, and Brogdon all need to make a valid contribution to take on the Bulls.