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How CBD Oil Can Help NBA Players Sleep Better and Recover Faster

CBD oil is all the rage, and it spans the entire population. From beauty gurus to business people, everybody is using it. And now, even NBA players are employing this compound to help them in their sport.

Several basketball players now use CBD, including Al Harrington, Jamal Mashburn, and Lamar Odom. Klay Thompson became the first active NBA player to back a CBD brand back in 2020 after a season spent recovering from injuries.

Since then, lots of exciting progress has been made. Harrington even partnered with a CBD product line sold in Walmart.

But why are athletes itching to back CBD? Here's how CBD for NBA players could help.

Could CBD Help Recovery?
In 2021, researchers published a study investigating the use of CBD in sports recovery. The authors concluded that it could have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuroprotective, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), and pain-relieving effects. All of these things are essential for athletes.

CBD for NBA players could thus be helpful for numerous reasons. Different consumption methods could better benefit particular ailments, so it's essential to understand how CBD works before attempting to use it.

CBD for Muscle Pain
Athletes in all sports commonly encounter muscular pain. Whether it's strains or contact injuries, pain is something sportspeople are familiar with.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that work well to relieve short-term pain. It also has an excellent safety profile with few side effects and a low potential for addiction. Compared to opioids, which can be addictive and even fatal, CBD has become an appealing option for athletes in a variety of sports.

Often, athletes using CBD for muscle recovery don't actually use ingestible products. Topicals get the job done fantastically because they can target a specific area. Pain-relief topicals are some of the best products when it comes to CBD for NBA players, but they aren't the best all-rounders.

CBD for Better Sleep
CBD oil is often employed by the masses as a way to improve sleep. Research into this subject is still ongoing, with experts unsure how exactly CBD impacts sleep. Some believe it directly impacts the sleep-wake cycle, while others think it improves sleep through other channels.

For example, if the pain is preventing sleep, then CBD's anti-inflammatory properties might lead to better rest. The same can be said for its anti-anxiety properties that keep stress at bay.

Professional athletes, like the rest of us, may experience anxiety – particularly before a big game. If this prevents sleep, then it could throw them off. Luckily, some CBD products could help.

The best CBD oil for sleep often contains added ingredients like melatonin; the all-natural formula is completely legal in sports, too, which means it’s perfect for NBA players.

Sleep is also essential after exercise to ensure proper recovery. No matter when it's used, the sleep-promoting effects of CBD could be ideal for NBA players.

CBD and the NBA: Where Does It Stand?
Currently, the NBA does not test specifically for cannabis. However, there is still much work to be done for CBD advocates.

The NFL is investing over $ 1 million into cannabis research to find out if it could be used in place of harmful prescriptions. Depending on the findings, other sports might start to take a more lenient attitude toward cannabis and CBD.

For now, only a handful of athletes are daring to use CBD, let alone be vocal about it.

The Best Ways to Use CBD
Athletes have a myriad of options when it comes to using CBD. For pain treatment, topicals could be a fantastic option. However, ingestibles like CBD tinctures, capsules, and gummies are much more popular for experiencing the overall effects.

NBA athletes could even use a combination of methods, employing tinctures for rest and recovery and topping up with a small amount of CBD cream when needed.

Each individual is different, and there is no set way to take CBD; it's all about what works for you. There is usually something to suit everyone, and with high-profile athletes entering the world of CBD, we're likely to see even more options appearing on the market.

In general, CBD tinctures and other products that have an overall effect on the body are likely to be more prevalent. These provide anti-inflammatory effects alongside a potential to improve sleep and support overall health.

With these possibilities, CBD for NBA athletes is something we're likely to see a lot more of in the future.