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Everything We Need To Know About #1 Draft Pick - Paolo Banchero

As we all know, a lot can change within a day, so if you're looking to stay up to date with the latest NBA Championship odds and prevent any unexpected surprises, then 2022 NBA Finals Odds is the place for you.

Last week, Paolo Banchero shocked the football community by taking the Duke star No.1 overall. Over the last month, it was predicted that Bachero would end up at the No.3 pick, instead. Following in his footsteps is Gonzagas Chet Holmgren at No. 2, leaving Auburns Jabari Smith for the Rockets at No. 3.

The general prediction going into the draft was that the Magic would take Smith to the top, while the Thunder would hold Holmgren, providing the Rockets with an opportunity to take Banchero. However, instead, it looks like that 25-pound, 6-foot-10 Banchero is headed off to Orlando.

The Best Player In The Draft

While many people believe that Jabari Smith contains the whole footballer package with his defense and offense abilities, and others recognize Chet Holmgrens potential; ultimately, experts have concluded Banchero is the best player in the draft. Jonathan Wasserman, an NBA draft expert, believes that Paolo Banchero is the best prospect in the draft, making him a great addition to Houston.

Defense Is A Concern

Unlike Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren and Jabari Smith are both known for their defensive capabilities, something that Bancheros lacks - making the weakness all the more blatant and obvious. His athleticism and big body should aid him in his defensiveness; however, there are also times when he can be seen simply lacking effort when on defense.

Hates To Lose

Paolo Banchero didn't go to college just to get to the NBA, he went there to achieve it all and he was determined to do so. During a recent interview with Complex, Banchero expressed his disappointment in the narrow loss to rival North Carolina in this year's four finals, explaining how he is having a hard time getting over it. He talked openly with Complex about how he doesn't think he'll ever get over the loss. Despite telling himself to, over and over again, he concluded that it is something he would never get over. This demonstrates his determination and dedication to football.

Athletic Parents

Mario Banchero and Rhonda Smith-Banchero – Paolo Banchero's parents – both have athletic backgrounds. The pair met as athletes when attending the University of Washington. The 6-foot-2 Smith-Banchero graduated from the University of Washington as the college's all-time leader in scoring, going on to play professionally in teams such as the Sacramento Monarchs and the WNBA. While Mario Banchero played tight end for the football team Huskies.

Big-Time Shotmaker

Typically, Banchero shot an average of 33.8% (44-for-130) off the 3-point line. However, in the Duke’s Tournament run to the Final Four, he was knocking down these shots consistently going 10-for-19 (52.6%) in just five games. From this, we can see that Banchero is much more of a mid-range guy, generally pulling up to tackle big shots at approximately 15 feet when Duke had the bucket. Although, in time his range is expected to stretch out.

Didn't Show His Whole Bag At Duke

As a result of playing on the same team with three other first-round picks – this includes A.J. Griffin (No. 16 to Atlanta), Wendell Moore (No. 26 to Minnesota), and Mark Williams (No. 15 to Charlotte) - Banchereo wasn't provided with the opportunity to be showcased like a lot of other college players. During an NBA game, the Rockets probably exploited Banchero's mismatches, allowing him to create and show all the abilities he wasn't able to at Duke.

Italian Citizenship

In the early 1900s, Bacnhero's great-great-grandparents immigrated from Italy to the United States. As a result of Banchero's father never being naturalized in the US, in 2020 Banchero was able to receive Italian citizenship. In 2020, he was chosen to compete in Italy’s EuroBasket qualification games; however, he decided to opt out of playing. Although, in the future, he has discussed a desire to play in Italian international competitions.

Unique Playmaker

Not many 250 pounds, 6-foot-10 players can do the things Banchero can do with the ball in his hands on the field. While it's probably that he is more likely to play as a power forward, he has the capability to create plays and handle the ball for himself and others effectively. Banchero is especially in his prime in wide-open spaces where he is able to run as fast as he can, allowing him to reach the rim, but he also has a unique vision and can react promptly to rotating defenses, getting the ball to someone to the next open player.


While it wasn't the predicted decision, that doesn't mean it was the wrong decision in making Paolo Banchero No. 1 in the Duke star overall. Close behind were players Chet Holmgren and Jabari Smith. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with everything you need to know about the new Duke start No. 1, Paolo Banchero.