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Arrested NBA Players

NBA players are one of the most adored personalities, all over the world simply as a result of their high life, party and drug habits, criminal charges, and jail time. The media attention is always on them, and people are always vigil on their personal life and their lives in court. The NBA players are people who love to party hard and sometimes engage in drugs and end up in jail. Some of the topmost players such as Oliver Miller, Arthur Long, and Javaris Crittenton, have all been arrested. Promoguy.us is one website that lists legal sports betting options and articles related to NBA players.

Javaris Crittenton

Jarvis Crittenton was a renowned former NBA player. He played for the LA Lakers, had quite a brilliant junior career, and was named Mr. Georgia basketball. Unfortunately, was charged with shooting and killing someone at the age of 27 when he got arrested. Prosecutors often say that he accidentally killed someone else, whereas he was trying to shoot the man who robbed him. He was suspended for many years by his team and even after his suspension got over, he never played in the NBA ever again. In 2010, he played in China and after that, played in. Later on, he was also charged with drugs in 2014.

Tom Payne

Robert Payne is a former Atlanta Hawks basketball player. He was the first black basketball player to be selected at the University of Kentucky and spent several years in prison, for different reasons. In 1972, he was convicted on a charge of assaulting a twenty-two-year-old lady for which he was in Georgia for five years. He again was arrested in California for another rape case, in the year 1986. Finally, he had to serve a life sentence in Kentucky.

William Bedford

William Bedford was one of the players and coaches of the NBA. Before this, he was a renowned player at Memphis State University. William was charged in the year 2001, for carrying 11 Kilograms of cannabis in his bike. Other than that, he also had issues withered to substance abuse. After his arrest, he had a difficult time in prison, where he was threatened to be killed multiple times. In the year 2004, he was sentenced to prison for ten years but for his extremely good behavior, he was released in 2011.

Oliver Miller

Oliver Miller is a former NBA player but due to an unfortunate turn of events, his NBA career slipped out of his hands. According to the press report, he was held guilty of severely injuring his girlfriend's brother. After the both of them got into a heated argument, he started hitting his girlfriend's brother with a gun, in the head. The attack was severe, and it took 11 staples to cover the man's wound. He was later on also charged with openly carrying a gun.

Ruben Patterson

Ruben Patterson was an NBA player and also a renowned player from the University of Cincinnati. He was arrested for a healthcare fraud worth nearly $4 million. Subsequently, he was arrested again for a misdemeanor in the year 2001 after which he received a jail sentence of fifteen long years.

Concluding Thoughts

These NBA players once were the best in the organization. But lured by drugs and other means of activities, they have ended up in prison, putting their bright careers to an end. According to reports, if NBA has nearly 400 players, then at least, 40% of them have a criminal record which is extremely alarming.