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The 10 Best Spanish Players Ever

There are many factors that determine whether an individual will have a successful career as a footballer. This is the case for both professional players and fans of the sport. Some players have the talent, but not enough drive to succeed; others might be good-looking, but don't have what it takes to go pro.

There are also those who are fortunate enough to have all of these qualities in one package. Having skills, being driven, and looking great won't get you anywhere if you don't come from an appropriate country with good opportunities for footballers. As a bettor, you must consider all these factors alongside the best live casino sign up bonus available.

Luckily for us, many of the best footballers ever were able to fully exploit their potential thanks to their birthplace or citizenship. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most impressive Spanish players, past and present:

Francisco "Fran" Duran
Francisco "Fran" Duran (1926-1988) is one of the earliest players on our list. Born in Salamanca, he had a legendary career that earned him the top place in La Liga's “Balon de Oro” award for best player in 1959. The talented and prolific striker played for both Real Madrid and Barcelona, racking up a total of 241 goals in 302 games.

Andres Iniesta
Andres Iniesta (born in 1987) is another Barcelona player who has definitely earned his place among the best footballers ever. Although he has won plenty of trophies with the club, his greatest triumph was captaining his country to victory in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He also played a key role in Spains winning campaign in the Euro in 2012.

Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres (born in 1984) grew up in Torres, a small town in the province of Badajoz, located in the region of Extremadura. The prolific striker, who played for both Liverpool and Chelsea in the Premier League and Atletico Madrid in La Liga, is one of the most decorated footballers of all time. He won two league titles, one FA Cup, two League Cups, one Super Cup, and the Champions League with Liverpool and one La Liga title and the Copa del Rey with Atletico Madrid.

Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez (born in 1980) is one of the best football players in history and one decorated with both individual and team awards. In a professional career that spanned more than 20 years, he played for Barcelona and the Spanish national team (he retired in 2015). He won the European Championship in 2008 and the World Cup in 2010 as captain; his contributions were recognized with the 2010 FIFA Ballon d'or and the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award.

Juan Francisco Torres
Juan Francisco Torres (1921-1957) was one of the greatest Spanish footballers, who played for both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. His most successful period was spent at Madrid, where he won six league titles and two Copa del Rey cups.

Torres was also a regular member of the Spanish national team from 1947 to 1955, playing a total of 34 games and scoring 25 goals. In 1950, he won the first edition of the FIFA World Cup and helped his country to claim the silver medal at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki.

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos (born in 1986) was a member of the Spanish team that won the 2010 and 2014 World Cups and the 2012 and 2016 European Championships. In club football, he has won five La Liga titles, one Copa del Rey, two UEFA Super Cups, two FIFA Club World Cups, and two UEFA Champions League trophies. He has also been named the IFFHS World's Best Playmaking Defender twice and La Liga's Best Defender two times.

Alfredo Di Stefano
Alfredo Di Stefano (1926-2014) was a great football player whose early death prevented him from even greater achievements. He played for several top Spanish and South American teams, including Real Madrid and River Plate.

In 1950 and 1951, he has declared the best player in Spain, and he would have won the Ballon d'Or if it hadn't been for a dispute between the Spanish and French football federations. Di Stefano is also known for his intense rivalry with Brazilian footballer Pelé.

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez (born in 1987) is one of the best footballers in recent history and a national hero in Uruguay. He has won several individual awards, including the coveted FIFA Ballon d'Or in 2014.

In the same year, his team, Liverpool, finished second in the Premier League, just a few points behind the leaders. He was also a key part of the Uruguay team that finished second in the Copa America tournament, losing only to the hosts, Chile.

Aritz Borda
Aritz Borda (born in 1984) has been a regular member of the Athletic Bilbao defence since 2004. His best years came when the team won the 2012-13 Copa del Rey trophy. He also played for the Spanish national team from 2010 to 2012, winning the UEFA European Championship. Borda is also known for his marriage to Spanish singer and actress Rocio Durcal; the two were married in 2013.

Valencia's David Silva
David Silva (born in 1986) is another young Valencia player on our list. He has been with the club since 2010, helping them win the 2007-08 Copa del Rey. In the 2010-11 season, he was named the teams best player, and in 2011, he became a first-team member of the Spanish national team. In 2013, he was named the Best Footballer in the World by FIFA. Silva is also known for being married to Spanish singer and actress Yolanda Aguilera.