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5 Must-Try Strategies to Win on NCAAB Bets

The National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball (NCAAB) has been regulating most college basketball competitions across the United States (US). It's a non-profit organization that governs top-tier intercollegiate basketball tournaments in the US.

The unspoken rule of thumb in the NCAAB is that teams with more experience beat teams with more talents but less experience. While it can be true on the court, it's not always the case when betting for NCAAB.

This article covers must-try betting strategies to help beat the odds on college hoops.

Learn How Betting Lines Work
The first step to increasing your winning odds is to be familiar with college basketball betting lines. This lets you shop for the best college basketball odds on the market and provides you with valuable information on how to bet. While NCAAB betting sites may have different odds, the wagers will normally work all the same.

Here are the most common bets to know:

  • Moneylines - betting on the team you think will win the game outright;
  • Totals - betting on whether or not the current two teams will surpass or fail to meet a specific combined score;
  • Point spreads - betting on a team to cover their spread;
  • Props - betting on a specific player's statistics; and
  • Futures (a special type of prop) - betting on upcoming games throughout the NCAAB season.

    Create a Betting Plan
    After learning various betting lines, don't make your first bets yet. Lay the foundation for your betting success and come up with a plan first. This is the biggest difference between amateurs and pros.

    If you have a specific bet type you want to try, it's time to plan your bankroll. It should only include funds you're willing or able to part with. Remember to never bet more than you can afford. After making a budget, determine your stake amount, then you're already set to bet.

    Focus on Mid-Majors
    The NCAAB college is a huge, top-tier tournament, much bigger than college football. It has 32 various conferences and leagues, while college football comprises only 11 conferences and groupings.

    The size of its conferences and leagues also differs. It ranges from Power 5 groups (for example, the Big Ten and Atlantic Coast Conference or ACC) to small mid-majors (for example, Northeast Conference and Patriot League).

    Since so many teams are involved, oddsmakers tend to dedicate themselves to the big-name conferences. As a result, these competitions draw the most betting actions, which usually leaves them exposed during small conference lines.

    In other words, dedicating yourself and mastering NCAAB betting odds and strategies in one or many of these mid-majors is a significant edge over the bookies. Still, some of them don’t get betting odds, so it pays to research your wagering options.

    Go Contrarian in Big-Name Games
    In big-name conferences, bet against the public. It has been one of the smart long-term strategies since the public often loses. When that happens, the house always wins. However, only go contrarian in a big conference game that features heavy public action. Opt for nationally televised conferences and leagues with big-name colleges and ranked teams to do so.

    Another way is to pay more attention to big conference showdowns. These include ACC, Southeastern Conference (SEC), Pac 12, Big East, Big Ten, and Big 12. Note that the contrarian dog will have added value if you back it up, especially when the public is heavy on one particular side in any of these matchups.

    Watch Out for Your Favorites
    Take advantage of the public’s willingness to bet emotionally rather than reasonably. Still and all, ensure you won’t be like one of them. That’s why be careful when betting for your favorites.

    As a fan, we always want our favorites to win. The problem is when we're like this, we tend to be biased toward them, which usually cuts into our profits. If you’re unsure of their performances and strategies, it’s in your best interest to avoid betting on them. While it’s hard to remain unbiased, there are several enjoyable games you can choose from.

    In addition, it's essential to be careful in getting and interpreting information. The public usually hypes up games and glamorizes stories and underdogs that may not be as close as they say they might be.

    Avoid getting caught up and being controlled with exaggerated and invalidated information. Hold on to your pick, and don’t let others affect your betting strategies. While it helps to listen to others, it’s better not to be part of the “general betting public.”

    Final Thoughts
    Remember to avoid overextending yourself. As mentioned, NCAAB is a massive competition. With around 200 teams playing about 30 games a year, specializing in a few conferences will be a good idea. By doing so, betting will be much more manageable, and you won’t lose your bankroll (and sanity) on a bad day.