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Top 5 NBA Players Of The Last Decade

Now we are firmly set in the 2020s, we can look back onto the 2010s and see with clear eyes the heroes that played on the court. So much happened in the 2010s that the game of basketball was changed forever!

Stars that will be remembered throughout history were created in this decade, and it's those amazing players that we want to celebrate today.

1. LeBron James

When we talk about legends of the 2010s, the first player to enter your mind should have been LeBron James.

It was in this decade that James created his dynasty and won the title of the greatest NBA player ever. Being such an important character on the court, James has been known as a villain, as a budding hero, and as an undeniable force. Throughout the decade this player's name has been on everyone's lips. Love him or hate him, he has shown unbelievable talent.

Throughout his career, this star has played for Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and now holds firm with Los Angeles Lakers. During this decade he has appeared in the finals 8 times and became a champion 3 times. This earned him the title Most Valuable Player two times, the first in the 2011 to 20212 games and the second in the 2012 to 2013 games.

2. Kevin Durant

There was a time in the 2010s that many of us questioned whether Durant would make it through the decade. His Achilles heel was torn during the 2019 finals forcing him to leave the court. After that, he decided to become a free agent putting everyone in the team into a worried spiral.

But all of that movement and controversy only proved to the crowd just how amazing this player was. Durant earned the name "pure scorer" as each of his shots was clean and on point. His amazing skill allowed Durant to join the Golden State Warriors. They knew how to use such a player and soon became their top solo scorer.

Durant even managed to upstage LeBron James in a couple of final matches, both of which earned him the title of the Most Valuable Player award.

3. Stephen Curry

Although most people think about LeBron James when it comes to bringing the newer generation into the game of basketball, it's actually Stephen Curry who made the most changes during the 2010s.

Curry's classic move is to make a long shot that most players, coaches, and experts would say were too risky. However, when Curry made his move, the ball always landed as he expected.

With Curry's new tactic, every team had to change their defensive moves to allow for the player's long-shot antics. Some even tried to follow suit and aim for a three-pointer, but no one has managed to achieve it as continuously as Stephen Curry.

By the end of the decade, Stephen Curry earned two Most Valuable Player awards, one of which was the first (and currently only) unanimous MVP award given.

4. James Harden

James Harden by name, and Play Harden by nature. This basketball player has a knack of almost punching the basketball into the floor, and his playstyle is so tough that he often gets fouled. It's reasons like this that cause many fans to dislike him. But Harden is more than a touch nut. He is also excellent at spotting space, creating lineups and is the best scorer throughout the decade.

By the end of the 2010s, Harden's scoring average jumped to 31.7 points per game!

All of this means that when you watch a game with James Harden on the court, you'll know you'll be in for a shocking play.

5. Kawhi Leonard

When you look at the most impressive moments or biggest impacts throughout the decade, you will see Kawhi Leonard involved in all of them. He has only been playing in the NBA for 9 years, and yet he was a major part of each season.

For example, in the 2013 to 2014 finals, Leonard was able to control, manipulate, and essentially suffocate LeBron James through his defensive tactics. It got to the point where James became half of his normally domineering self. The tactic was so strong that Leonard was labeled the Defensive Player of the Year and the Most Valuable Player of the Year too.

Every year that Leonard has been on the court, he has grown and grown inability. He is now considered a top dog among all the other NBA picks and seeing as he had only joined the league recently, we can expect so much more from this star!

6. Bonus - Russell Westbrook

Although Westbrook didn't make it to the championships during the 2010s, he did make a big splash on the court. Best known for his rim-rattling dunks, Westbrook has become a stylish and awe-inspiring shooter. The way that Westbrook plays is all about style, and when he leaps across the court, you feel as though you are watching a Marvel movie.

Westbrook is more than just style though, he is the only player to achieve a triple-double in the last 40 years, and he didn't do it just once; he managed that feat 3 times.