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Who are the wealthiest basketball players?

There is plenty of money in basketball, and some of the current players earn huge sums of money in return for entertaining and thrilling us on the court.

In this article, we're looking at the wealthiest basketball players, not just due to their playing careers but also players who have gone on to make money in other areas after their careers have come to an end.

Looking at gambling markets before a game will give a good indication of which players are likely to be the high earners. If you make use of the available NBA sportsbook promotions to explore the various betting markets for NBA games, you'll see plenty of player markets that will tell you who the sportsbooks think will be the top performers.

But the sports betting markets won't tell you the whole story, nor will looking at lists of the top point-scorers of all time, or other career records, such as most games played or best field goal percentage. There are some interesting stories about how both current and former basketball players have made their fortunes. Michael Jordan

We all know him as one of the all-time greats in the world of basketball, but did you know that Michael Jordan has made more money since his career ended? Theres every chance that you've worn a pair of Air Jordans, and Jordan's hook-up with Nike has made him a huge sum of money.

On top of this, Jordan has made a string of shrewd investments. His wealth is estimated by some to be in excess of $2 billion.

Junior Bridgeman

Whereas Michael Jordan is a household name even among those who don't follow the NBA, the name Junior Bridgeman would not be familiar to many people.

Bridgeman was a guard who played for Milwaukee and the Clippers from 1975 to 1987. He's certainly not regarded as one of the greats, and his basketball earnings were now

here near as high as some of the other names on this list. After his basketball career ended, Bridgeman went on to invest in fast-food franchises including Wendy’s and Chili's, and he built up a large empire of restaurants. All told, his various business ventures have netted him at least $500 million, making him one of the richest former basketball players. LeBron James

LeBron James is up there with Michael Jordan when it comes to greats of the game, and he is fortunate to play in an era when there is an incredible amount of money in the game.

LeBron has also made a fortune in endorsements, to go with over $200 million in career earnings. He signed a massive deal with Nike straight out of high school, and has also invested with the Fenway group and Beats Electronics. In 2021 he became the first NBA player to pass $1 billion in earnings while still playing.

LeBron is clearly a savvy guy, and if he continues to make smart investments, theres every chance he could overtake some of the other names to become the richest basketball player who ever lived.

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal is another household name, and like a lot of basketball greats he has proven himself to be a more-than-capable businessman.

Having made earnings of over $300 million during his playing days, he turned entrepreneur after his retirement, and owns a considerable portfolio of Five Guys, Auntie Anne's, and other restaurants around the country. He's also got shares in gyms and car washes, and has money tied up in companies such as Google.

It's one thing to earn that much money in your playing career, but it's even more impressive to continue to invest and grow your money the way Shaq has.

Kevin Durant

Another modern NBA great who has made a fortune in investments is Kevin Durant. He is estimated to have made over $300 million in his fruitful career, but this has been further enhanced by some significant deals he has signed with big brands.

Durant's investments span all sorts of companies and he has money in both business and property. We don't know how much he is currently worth, but some estimate that this could be in the billions of dollars, and it looks set to continue to grow.


As this impressive list shows, there are a lot of current and former NBA players who have earned significant amounts of money from playing basketball, and have then grown their wealth through making smart investments. While there is certainly a lot of money floating around in the NBA, basketball’s richest players tend to turn this into the mega bucks, even after their careers are over.