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The NBA season is finally over, but that is just on the court. You can already get a preview of next season as soon as next week, with the NBA Draft, and by taking a look at Unibet to see what the numbers predict for next season. There is already a favourite.

The Milwaukee Bucks won the Larry O'Brien trophy, ending a 50-year draft, and doing it the hard way, the honourable way, by building a team and going through the dog years of a rebuild. Led by the man who is believed to now be the best player in the world, Giannis Antetokunmpo, The Bucks will have sights on their back next season, as the rest of the teams try to dethrone them.

Before all of that, the NBA Draft will hold on July 29, in a virtual event in New York. Adam Silver will once again have the responsibility and joy to welcome 60 fresh faces into the NBA for the upcoming season. In a draft that is believed to be very top-heavy and shallow, even worse than last year, the Detroit Pistons must be feeling almighty and powerful with their first overall pick. There is enormous talent in the top three through five of the draft, but then not much expected after that. Cade Cunningham, the Oklahoma State guard is expected to go at number one to the Pistons, who will have the luxury of adding to their young budding crop of players like Jerami Grant, Saddiq Bey, and highflyer Killian Hayes. The Bucks' win may inspire teams like Detroit to trust the process and build their championship teams with drafted superstars. While these players may take time to develop, the satisfaction and payoff of having them deliver a championship are far more enticing and rewarding. The success of Giannis is also timely as it puts patience into perspective for young and rising star players like Tatum, Morant, Cunningham, Green, and Suggs.

Cade Cunningham looks like a lock at number one, but then the Pistons may want an already established player to accelerate their timeline. This means Cade, or another talent on the team, could be packaged to bring a win-now superstar or face of the franchise.

In second place, the Houston Rockets have the call, and the word is that they may go for either of the Jalens, Suggs or Green or even trade for a superstar who can partner with John Wall and Christian Wood. The Rockets believe they can have a solid three or four (if you add Kevin Porter Jr.), or even good five players to build around, if Eric Gordon rediscovers his shooting touch and health.

Cleveland and Toronto will be up next, with the Raptors are getting a lot of calls for a trade up. The most notable clients are contender teams like Golden State Warriors, who want an NBA-ready player and see Jalen Suggs as that player, if he does not go to the Cavs at number three.