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How to choose the Best Roller Skates for women?

Roller skates or quad skates are considered the most traditional way of all-round skating experience. The roller skates have been considered a classic due to their outright popularity and just for the fun of it. However, these skates have been going through an evolution, with the fundamentals still being the same.

However, these were and are still popular among both genders equally. On the other hand, choosing the right skate can be a tricky thing. The following mentioned factors are key in selecting the appropriate roller skates for women.

1. Size

When you look for the best womens roller skates, be sure that you choose the perfect size. The most important factor about roller skates is the fitting of the roller skates on the user's feet. The fit should neither be too loose nor too tight. The appropriate choice of size in roller skates might get a little tricky. It is always advised to go for skates one size bigger than your normal shoe size with tradition.

However, it depends on the comfortability of the user on choosing the size given with the skates. The fitting should be such that the user's toes should not be touching the nose of the skate. If that happens, then it is a symbol that the roller skates are too small.

2. Bearings

The bearings of the skate make sure that the skates work to the optimum level. The intricate detailing and small bearings make it prone to getting jammed with dust or sand particles. Avoiding direct contact with water or any exposure to moisture can also affect the workings of the bearings. This is one of the main and most important factors to check while buying roller skates.

3. Wheels

The design and placement of the four wheels in the roller skates allow the user to stand. There are four wheels placed in two rows and can be of two types depending on their hardness. The hardness of the wheel is measured by a machine called the durometer scale. This scale measures 0 to 100A and the nearer the value of the wheel is towards 100A, the harder they are. The two types of wheels available for roller skates are:

  • SOFT WHEELS: These wheels are mainly useful for new learning skaters as these are good for better grip and shock absorption. However, this type lacks one thing, which might be an important factor financially: longevity.

  • HARD WHEELS: This is the second variant of wheels that are available in roller skates. These wheels are more popular once skating becomes easier as these types of wheels have reduced grip and shock absorption. However, they have a longer lifespan than that the softer ones.

    4. Outer Shell of the Skates

    The roller skates are available to the user in two basic types of outer shells. The types are differentiated due to the quality of their outer shell and are thus, used for different reasons. The two different types of outer shells for the roller skates are:

    1. HARD-BOOT or Hard outer shell: These boots are used for fitness and longer rides because they provide stability and support. This makes these types of roller skates a little heavy as well. These have the advantage of relacing the liner if it wears out.

    2. SOFT-BOOT or Soft outer shell: This is the second type of outer shell that roller skates have. This type of roller skate is mainly used for its maneuverability in dances or discos. This type, however, has the advantage of being better ventilated and light.

    5. Toe Stop

    Roller skates or quad skates have some unique characteristics, out of which the most efficient one is the Toe stop. The purpose of this element is to set off from and can also be used as a break. However, the toe stop is advised to relace before getting completely worn out because it became nearly impossible to dismount once it does.

    6. Trucks and Plates

    All types of roller skates come with a truck and plate underneath. Most of the plates are made up of nylon, which makes the skates lighter, while the trucks are made with aluminum, which makes them strong but heavier. The quad skates also come with replaceable cushions and paddings inside the skate according to the user's liking. Buying the first pair of skates can be a very emotional moment for a skating enthusiast. However, buying the skates itself can be tricky at times and can make the person confused. However, the various key points given above might render some help regarding that confusion.