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Looking to bet on Basketball: You Should Know what to Research

"Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors" (CC BY 2.0) byEDrost88

A number of articles here look at the practice of basketball betting. Its a popular sport amongst the betting community with lots of markets and games to consider.

Amidst all of the advice that's out there, one of the most important things to assess is the question of research. The aim is to make a profit but, as in any walk of life, some hard work may be required.

Finding the Perfect Partner

That research starts with finding the right sportsbook. For basketball, that means covering all the top leagues from around the world. Naturally, the NBA should be included but other divisions in Europe and beyond should be getting some coverage.

You can track down this information yourself but, in order to save time, it's the type of thing that can be outsourced to a third party. A review website such as Sbo.net assesses many hundreds of sportsbooks, and reviews are in place for their most trusted sources.

Readers can find safe betting sites that take security seriously while providing that wide range of sporting markets. Other key factors such as competitive odds, helpful customer service and a wide set of funding methods are also considered.

It's also possible to register with the sportsbooks that are listed on the Sbo site. Subject to eligibility requirements, they are all ready to take on new customers. After completing a swift and secure sign up form, the majority of those operators have a generous welcome package to take advantage of.

A choice of deposit options gets the account moving while effective customer service can help out at every step on the journey. Anyone playing on a regular basis may also find mobile apps, in-play betting and the possibility of live streaming top class basketball from around the world.

Finding a bookmaker is the first piece of research to take care of but there's plenty of help along the way.

Form Guide

Having found your betting partner, it’s time to get involved with those markets. If you're betting on a basketball match and you're looking for the winner, form is the first point to consider.

How is a team performing? Are they looking strong coming into the game or are there some weaknesses in the roster? Look back across the last six to ten games to assess how effective that side may be in their upcoming contests.

Head to Head Results

It's important to consider any recent results between the two teams on court. Have they already met this season? If so, the outcomes from those games should certainly be taken on board.

It's also acceptable to consider head to head results from previous years. It's possible that one team can have a weakness against another set of opponents and that trend can continue in forthcoming seasons.

Do the Warriors come through strongly against the Grizzlies? Do the Suns have a poor record against the Mavericks?

It's a balancing act: You can go back in history but the most relevant results are the most recent ones.

Home Court Advantage

Many teams perform better on their home court than they do on the road and the reasons for that may be obvious. With a noisy and partisan crowd who are so close to the action courtside, the traveling team may feel intimidated and lose their cutting edge.

The stats from the NBA and from other leagues can easily be found. Study the home and away records and you may be able to identify a pattern that can help you with your betting moving forward.

Injuries and Absences

Basketball is arguably the most challenging sport in the world. The packed schedule puts a strain on the players and even the best athletes are forced into absences from the court at times.

As part of your overall research strategy, it's important to follow team news. Franchises can be weakened by any absences from their roster and that can have an effect on the final result.

The advice is in place and there are many sources of information. Keep all of these research elements in mind and you may be able to turn the odds in your favor when considering the basketball markets.