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NBA Betting Online vs. Casino Bets

Casino bets are one of the most popular pastimes among avid sports fans. Click here to learn about what the NBA has to offer.

Casino bets and NBA sports betting can be fun for everyone, whether you are a novice or an experienced sports bettor. You can particularly enjoy both excitement and profit from betting on the NBA with its packed schedule and tons of bets.

You might already know that online casinos (like Maneki Casino) already offer sports betting opportunities in addition to regular games. For instance, the terms the bonuses come with are more than fair at this venue, so we recommend checking it out. Regardless, join us below as we discuss everything you need to know when it comes to both.

Understanding the NBA Odds and Lines

Understanding odds and lines is the first step in betting on the NBA. Although these concepts are easy to understand, they can be intimidating at times. That said, odds are the payout associated with a particular bet. These will be represented most often as a negative or positive number. If the number is negative, that team is considered the favorite. The team that is expected to lose is the one with a positive number. Consequently, you can calculate the actual value of your winnings relative to a dollar wager.

The Most Popular NBA & Casino Bets

Sports betting was once a simple way to pick which team would win. However, betting has evolved tremendously over the years and is now much more complicated and involved than simply picking a winner. Here are some of the types of bets you will find when looking to wager on this sport. To add variety to your strategy, you can use any or all of the following types, and some pros may only use one or a few of these types. We recommend deciding which ones are most important and then sticking to them:

  • Spread betting
  • Moneyline bets
  • Over/under bets
  • Prop bets (also formerly popular as a type of casino bets)

    Spread Betting

    Spread betting is a popular option for betting on the NBA online. This type of bet is intended to "level the playing field" since the odds of winning an NBA game are not perfect. There will always be differences between the teams, which can make one team more likely to win than another.

    Bookmakers provide what is known as the "spread" and the "line" to even out the teams. The spread is the number of points that a team can expect to win or lose. If there weren't a way for sportsbooks to balance bets between teams, people would just bet on the favorite, and the bookmaker would go out of business. Here's an example to see how the spread works:



    Spread Bet



    Interpreting Spread Bets

    Even if you don't have experience with casino bets, you will notice that the Mavericks are projected to score -4.5 points while the Celtics are projected as +4.5. The negative number reflects the favorite - just like the odds. This wager would be read as "the Mavericks are expected to win by four-and-a-half points." This type of betting equalizes teams because it allows you to win the wager even if your team loses. It is critical to remember that half points are only used to prevent tiebreaks and can be ignored.

    You win at spread betting by beating the spread. In other words, your team must perform better than their expectations to win. If you look at the Mavericks' example, winning a bet would result in them winning the game by more than 4.5 points. Therefore, you win if they win by five points. Conversely, you lose if they win by three points.

    On the other hand, a winning bet on Celtics would see them lose by less than 4.5 points. You lose if the Celtics lose with five points or less. You also win if the Celtics lose less than four points or win.

    Remember that the line for NBA spread betting cannot be fixed. Based on the number of bets, the bookmaker will adjust the line. Bookmakers want to see equal bets placed on each team so that they can make money no matter who wins. In other words, they can encourage or discourage gambling by moving the line. Imagine if bookmakers had a large number of bets on Mavericks. They could lower the line to -5.5, meaning the team must perform better to win. This would discourage betting on Mavericks and make it more appealing to bet on the Celtics (much like how casino bets of old used to work).

    Moneyline Bets

    You can also place Moneyline bets on various sports betting websites that offer NBA odds. This simpler form of betting allows you to simply pick the winner of an event. Moneyline bets are similar to spread betting in that you wager on who will win. However, handicaps are offered differently than spread bets. Spread bets adjust the outcome of the bet to win it but provide the same odds for each team. Moneyline bets can be placed on who will win, while the payout depends on which team is the favorite.

    Here is an example of how a bookmaker might present the NBA odds for a Moneyline wager. Each team will be assigned a number showing you the payout and who is the favorite. The negative number indicates the favorite to win.



    Moneyline Bets



    Interpreting Moneyline Bets

    Similar to casino bets, Moneyline bets also require your team to win. Contrary to spread betting, if your team loses - you lose. The payout is proportional to the likelihood of your outcome. You can win a lot less if you bet on the favorite. Let's examine what happens when you win a bet on your favorite team.

    Let's first assume you have placed $1.00 on the Spurs to win this game. They are offered at +130, which means they are expected to lose. You will win $1.30 and the $1.00 that you have bet if they beat the odds and win. This makes the total payout $2.30, which is a decent return on your $1.00.

    Let's now say that you bet $1.00 on the Warriors to win, who are at -140. For a $1.77 payout, you will win $.77 and your $1.00 wager. This amount is a massive difference from betting on the Spurs.

    These payouts and odds can be very different because the expectations of who wins are vastly different. Maybe a key player has been inactive for the Spurs, or the Warriors are on a hot streak. These types of factors will be included in the odds so make sure to consider them when placing your wagers.

    Over/Under Bets

    Similar to roulette casino bets, over/under betting is an excellent option if you don't want to bet on any particular team at the NBA online sportsbooks. These bets don't place a wager on a particular winning team but on the total points scored by both teams. Let's look at the previous example to understand how an over/under wager works.


    O196 (-110)

    Over/Under Bets


    U196 (-110)

    Interpreting Over/Under Bets

    You will find a number marked with an "O" or "U," representing the threshold of points at which one wager wins over the other. These numbers may be grouped with different teams, but it's only for organizational purposes. The total number of points scored during the game is 196 in our example.

    You place a wager that the total points will be greater or less than the threshold when you bet the over/under. If you place an over bet, and the total points are 197, you will win. If you chose to take the under, and the total points were 195, then you will also win. These bets may be worthwhile if you believe that a particular game will be offensive or defensive.

    Prop Bets

    The last type of betting on this list is proposition betting. These wagers are among the most thrilling and can bring a new level to the game. Prop bets are wagers that place bets on specific outcomes in a game. You might be able to bet on the number of three-pointers that a player will make, how many blocks a team has, or who will win in the first tipoff. Prop bets make it easier to wager real money on the NBA.

    Much like live dealer venues and casino bets, live sportsbooks often have many sports and bets at once. Always do your research and take time when deciding where and how to bet.